An evening of potty training went badly wrong after a toddler got her head stuck in a toilet seat.

Kay Stewart, 37, had been trying to potty train her two-year-old daughter Harper at their home in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

But the toddler decided to try to wear the seat around her neck and got into difficulty, crying: “Mammy, I’m stuck.”

Ms Stewart’s efforts to get the seat off were unsuccessful and, in desperation, she asked her 16-year-old daughter Shannon to call firefighters for help.

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service dispatched a crew from Wallsend Community Fire Station and they arrived within minutes.

They used small tools to remove the potty, and amused Harper’s siblings with the blue lights on their fire truck.

Ms Stewart said: “They were so calming and kept the other kids busy while helping Harper.

“Harper gave the firefighter a big hug once he was done.

“They even put their light on and gave them a big wave before heading off.

“I was so grateful for their help that evening.

Station manager Trevor Sturrock said he was “so glad” that his crew were able to assist the family and wished Harper well with her future potty training.

“She had to be very still which can be really frightening for such a little person.

“Harper was very brave, which helped the firefighters complete the rescue.

“I want to thank the crew for their professionalism at this incident – sometimes when you turn up people are really panicked and it’s about remaining calm and calming others.”

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