You may have noticed that the world of reacting on ONTD has gotten a lot bigger:

a whole new world!

♥,✏,🔥,😂,👎🏾,😢, and 😡 Are now accompanied by 💩,👻,🤦🏾‍♀️,👌🏾,🤢,🤮,🐾, and a surprise emoji that will help us later (and is apparently not recognized by Microsoft)

Some have more obvious uses than others — After all, we’ve been asking for quite awhile for a vomit emoji, and now there’s 2! — But what do the other 3 mean, really?

A lot of the links inline are linked to locked posts. If you’re a member of the comm, you should be clear to click through and read the content anyway!

My first instinct was in the many, many dating comments we get here; Ghost ’em! But maybe it means “laughter is not strong enough, your comment has outright killed me.” It also has a very shrug vibe to me, maybe we can use it that way as well!

Community Consensus:

A set of pawprints. We may be confused at the next entry, but this is the one that stymies me. The only, limited use I can think of is When you talk about your pets, you have to show them.

Community Consensus: Replace it with something else.

What should we replace it with?

The Pigeon emoji is marked as “Strange Things”. Apparently this is a play on…something? Stranger Things?

Community Consensus: It’s ranging from

What are you going to use the emojis to represent? Now with an unlocked image!

src: inline, also frank


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