Ah, the drama-filled dinner parties may keep us glued to our screens, but there’s just something about the “MAFS” Commitment Ceremonies that get our hearts racing. And guess what, folks? It’s that time again the very first Commitment Ceremony of the season is upon us.

While some couples eagerly anticipate celebrating their budding connections, others brace themselves for some straight-up truth bombs from the experts. It’s a make-or-break moment, where couples must decide whether to stick it out and work on their relationships — or call it quits for good.

Thankfully, this episode does not disappoint. Jack and Tori are in the hot seat after some serious drama with Jack’s ex, and things hit the fan for Natalie and Collins. With experts John Aiken, Alessandra Rampolla, and Mel Schilling at the helm, you know they’re not holding back.

Lets dive into this “MAFS” recap for episode nine.

Jack and Tori In the Hot Seat

As Tori and Jack nervously take their seats on the couch, expert John wastes no time in addressing the elephant in the room the article about Jack’s ex-girlfriend.

“The girl I was with, very passionate. I could tell she was looking for the long game. I felt like I ended that relationship as respectfully as I could,” Jack begins, attempting to explain his side.

John’s not one to beat around the bush, so he immediately presses for specifics.

Jack hesitates before reluctantly admitting he was dating this girl, “Probably seven, eight weeks, or eight or nine ago”.

John’s eyebrows shoot up. “So you were in a relationship with someone else while applying for ‘Married At First Sight’?”


Reluctantly, Jack says yes.

“It wasn’t serious, it was a weekend, friends with benefits relationship,” he clarifies quickly. “There’s no significance to it. It’s a disgruntled ex that I had a relationship with.”

Tori becomes visibly defensive, and brushes off concerns about Jack’s past.

“What he was doing the morning of the wedding and beyond is my concern,” she says. “What he was doing the night before and before that, to be brutally honest, I couldn’t give a f**k.”

But when Tori drops the bombshell that she and Jack have yet to be intimate, the experts are taken aback. Despite the confusion, Jack and Tori stand firm in their decision to stay.

Natalie and Collins Face the Experts

Natalie and Collins bring their own brand of fireworks to the ceremony. Immediately, they dive headfirst into a heavy topic Natalie’s sudden departure from the experiment at the last Dinner Party. Natalie lays bare her feelings of isolation and her doubts about Collins’ authenticity.

“He noted that I was being negative and sour and talking bad things about the honeymoon,” Natalie recalls, looking sheepish. “So he knew I was becoming quite upset, but I had to ask him to hold my hand to walk into the dinner party even though I was shaking.”


Collins doesn’t shy away from owning up to his mistakes. He admits that he’s dropped the ball in showing affection towards Natalie. But when John presses him on how they can fix things, Collins finds himself in the hot seat, struggling to recall even one moment of affection.

“I may need to work on those specifics… but I’m really struggling because so far, since the beginning of the experiment, it’s been prevalent that Nat’s grief has been a huge part of this experiment,” Collins says.

Collins and John Butt Heads

John tries to shift the focus away from Natalie’s grief, but Collins isn’t having it. He finally finds his voice, challenging John’s authority and seeking some real talk.

“I came to you for advice, what should I do?” Collins snaps back. “You tell me. You’re not here to give me advice?”

John responds: “You have never been in a relationship with anybody before. You are talking to me like you are an expert.”


The room falls silent, stunned by Collins’ boldness. John offers Collins a gentle reminder of his expertise, and urges him to open up and recognise Natalie’s need for connection.

In the midst of the emotional turmoil, Natalie is ready to call it quits on the experiment. But Collins surprises everyone when he chooses to stay for another week.

And there you have it, folks another whirlwind Commitment Ceremony in the books! As these couples navigate the ups and downs of love, one thing’s for sure there’s never a dull moment on “MAFS”.

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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