Winter is fast approaching. Here are some great ways to keep your dog and cat warm in the colder weather to come!

Come winter human feet get cold – and so do paws! Pet socks such as those by Muttluks and Top Paw keep pet toes warm in winter. The best come with grips or plastic bases on the bottom to keep your pet from sliding on tiles or wooden floors.


These socks are great for older dogs, not only for keeping them warm, but also for helping them get around without tripping on slippery floors. 

Doggy Jackets 


Jackets are the go-to choice for keeping dogs warm – but don’t settle! A number of options are now on the market that are super-stylish as well as warming. 



Cosi Kilt Dog Coat by Highland Dog 

Cozy Cushion is a cat bed that heats without electricity. Beneath the faux-fur exterior is a thermo-reflective material that uses your cat’s body heat to make the entire cushion toasty as a heated blanket. Not having in cords, when soiled, the bed can just be thrown into the washing machine. 

K&H Thermal-Bowl 


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We worry about our pet’s having enough bedding and shelter in winter – but what about your pet’s lips? The K&H Thermal-Bowl heats up water to a comfortable temperature so your pet’s tongue is kept cosy in the cooler months. It is also great for ensuring water is always accessible in areas prone to snow and ice. The bowl is self-heating with the temperature monitored by the bowl to ensure it stays at the correct level. 


Snuggle up to your pet and heat each other up with hugs! 



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