I recently got to photograph the cutest little 5-month-old Sheltie named Iver! I just about fell in love with him during our photo session, and I think you will too. One of my favorite parts about Iver is his backstory, and how his parents came to find him. They knew that they wanted a dog for a long, long time. They looked everywhere in San Diego to find the right fit – but despite how dog-friendly our city is, they realized that it’s actually pretty difficult to find a place in the rental housing market that allows dogs, especially dogs over 25 pounds. (Which I can personally relate to! My Bailey is not a small dog!) So after searching at shelter after shelter, Iver’s parents simply weren’t able to find the right pup. But you know what? I really believe that the right dog will find its way to the right family. And after months of uncertainty, they finally heard from a Sheltie breeder out of the blue – and what do you know, it was finally time for them to meet their dog. Iver and his parents go together like a glove. They’re all so sweet, and they love spending time together! (Which meant that I really loved spending time with them, too!)

We went to Old Poway Park for the first part of Iver’s session, and everything was going great. But this park has a stream running through the middle of it, and on the day we visited, the stream bed was damp with just a little bit of water. Iver, however, took one look and decided he was going to pretend that there was still water in it! He jumped face-first into the mud! It certainly gave us all a scare! It was a big drop, but thankfully he was completely fine (and ready to do it again two minutes later, the little stinker!). But with a long-haired dog like him, a little mud goes a long way. So we paused the photo session, reassessed, and decided to get together for the second half of our session on another day. So I can happily promise that no dogs were harmed in the making of this photo session… but not for lack of trying! Thanks, Iver! 😉

So a few days later, we headed down to the beach in La Jolla, right near where his mom works. He loved running around on the sand – in fact, Iver preferred to stay dry the whole time! (Apparently rivers & streams are interesting, but the ocean? Not to be trusted.) He was not a fan of the water other than dipping his toes in – and that’s totally okay. In fact, it helped us get some great portraits of his beautiful (dry) fur!

I don’t know how Iver’s personality is going to develop as he grows up, since he has so much growing left to do – but I do know that his parents are the perfect fit for him. I’m so glad they all found each other. And I love when people come to me with a puppy, because it’s just the beginning! It’s a true honor each time, because I get a front-row seat to the beginning of an amazing story. I couldn’t be more excited for this sweet family of three!


Did I mention that Iver is a gorgeous dog?!


He also had a BLAST running around at the beach!


But he’s always happiest when he’s with his parents. Sweet boy.


Kate & Erick, thank you so much for introducing me to your wonderful pup! I’m excited to see you again soon! 🙂

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