In her first interview after the SAG-AFTRA strike came to an end, Brie Larson appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to gush about her recent projects and developments in her personal life.

The actress, 34, is notably reticent about discussing her private life but couldn’t stop gushing over the adorable new addition to her family with the late night host.

Jimmy said: “You have a new person in your life,” and Brie joked: “I have a muppet in my life,” and then showed the audience a picture of her adorable new rescue dog, a Goldendoodle.

Brie Larson stars in “Lessons in Chemistry”

“He is so cute, and I’m sorry to have kept him from you,” she remarked. “But his name is Six-Thirty and I thought I was maybe breaking the strike if I talked about him.”

While the name may seem plain odd at first, fans of the actress will know that Six-Thirty borrows from the name of her Goldendoodle in the recently released period drama Lessons in Chemistry, in which her character cares for a dog with the same name. In the show, he is named for when he wakes her character Elizabeth Zott, while in the original book, he is named for the time he follows her home.

Brie told the audience: “I did not pick his name. He picked it, [but] I just don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s just totally absurd and inappropriate.”

She discussed workshopping several names with the rescue, but when her best friend, a food consultant on Lessons in Chemistry, said that he looked just like Six-Thirty, that caught his attention.

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The Oscar winner found the interaction “too strange,” but couldn’t stop what was coming when her new pet only responded to the name “Six-Thirty.” She continued: “I tried everything! I had four days where I was calling him ‘Dog’, ‘Jeremy’, ‘Jimmy’, ‘David’.”

© Apple TV+
Her new dog was named after the dog from her show “Lessons in Chemistry”

Brie exasperatedly added: “He chose it, so please just respect him when you see him. His vet thinks it’s ridiculous. His vet is confused.

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“The receptionist would go, ‘Your Six-Thirty’s here.’ And he’s like, ‘It’s 2:00, I don’t know what that means.’ It’s confusing.”

Elizabeth standing backstage in Lessons in Chemistry© Apple TV+
The first two episodes of “Lessons in Chemistry” debuted on October 13

The Apple TV+ series premiered on October 13 and has currently released six episodes, receiving critical acclaim for its lead performance from Brie, with Six-Thirty already emerging as a breakout star.

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In the show, a majority of the central POV is presented by the Goldendoodle, who communicates through his eloquent inner thoughts, provided in the show by B.J. Novak, allowing for him to be the voice of the audience.

Brie Larson attends THE MARVELS Movie Theater Pop-In on November 10, 2023 in New York City© Getty Images
The actress most recently starred in “The Marvels”

Meanwhile, Brie is also currently ruling the box office with her turn as Captain Marvel in the newly released The Marvels, which opened at number one in the worldwide box office with over $110 million. However, the total represents the lowest opening weekend for a Marvel Cinematic Universe release ever and the film received mixed reviews.

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