I slept with this white noise machine for a full month, and I noticed a difference in my sleep around the second week. At first, I struggled to get used to the addition of the subtle shhing sound, but it became less noticeable by the third night. (I stuck with white noise during my testing trial but have since experimented with other noises, like waves.)

About halfway through my experiment, I realized I hadn’t heard any of the usual nighttime commotion, like my neighbors returning late at night or the ding of the subway doors. In fact, I hadn’t been jolted awake in at least two weeks, when it normally occurs at least once or twice a week.

By the end of the month, I realized that I didn’t just tolerate having the white noise machine around, I needed it. I hadn’t seen such a massive improvement in my sleep quality since I added a natural sleep aid to my nighttime routine.

What’s more, this device does more than help me stay asleep. I’ve started listening to nature sounds while sipping tea and reading at night or turning on the warm light to mimic a candle.

As I start to plan trips in the new year, I’m already thinking of all the ways this little machine could help me snooze while traveling—though I might be more inclined to take the pocket-size option instead.

Braelyn Wood

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