Nov 18, 2021

Extremely underweight and sick, Alvie was found on the front porch of an abandoned home.

This two-year-old boy has a chronic GI disease causing emaciation and needs intense treatment. He’s currently being treated in our clinic where we can monitor his progress. Throughout everything he’s endured, he’s never lost his sweet nature. Always wagging his tail and offering licks when you come to see him. Animals prove time and time again that they will not give up hope. We promise to never give up hope either. With your support, Alvie and pets like him will continue to get the care they need.

Give your Giving Tuesday gift TODAY and make sure pets like Alvie have the chance to get the medical treatment they desperately need.

Your donation today has double the impact thanks to a group of generous donors who are matching every gift between now and December 31, up to $100K! Don’t wait to double your impact for pets like Alvie!

“I can’t say for sure honestly if he’s going to be okay,” said APA! veterinarian Dr. Ratnayaka. Alvie is on about 12 different medications for GI comfort, antifungal treatment, and antibiotics. We just received test results that confirm Alvie has pythiosis. Pythiosis is a water-borne infection that causes extreme weight loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. With every single one of his bones poking through his skin, we’re happy to at least have some answers to what’s causing this so that we can move forward with treatment.

Together with you, we can offer innovative care to companion animals who have nowhere else to turn. Make your Giving Tuesday gift today to give pets like Alvie the best chance at a healthy life.

P.S. Alvie also needs a foster who can give him lots of TLC. If you’re interested in fostering Alvie, please email [email protected].

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