Earlier this season on The Kardashians, things became a little meta.

After reading what the blogs were saying, Kim Kardashian defended holding back certain things during Season 2.

She became downright defensive about how much private pain they expose. Khloe did, too.

If they think that they’re sharing more than enough already and fans aren’t happy, will the family drop this Hulu project?

Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian and her relatives read and discuss what people say about them. Sometimes it’s smart, and sometimes it’s super unhealthy. (Hulu)

A couple of weeks ago, The Kardashians viewers saw Kim Kardashian sit down with her sister, Khloe. Between them, sat quasi-brother-in-law Scott Disick.

All sharing the same sprawling mega-sofa, they opened up about feedback from the public and from critics. They were filming for Season 3, but the feedback came from Season 2.

When Kim shared that a lot of people felt that they had withheld key aspects of their lives, Khloe’s reaction said it all.

Khloe Kardashian reacted with shock as she heard that some people didn’t think that she shared enough after her ex’s billionth cheating incident. (Hulu)

Kim was quick to affirm that she loves “getting the feedback” from viewers.

But Kim and Khloe both stressed how much they had bared their souls and lives to viewers.

According to them, they had allowed cameras to film “everything” while they themselves were “so vulnerable” on screen.

According to Kim Kardashian, they “filmed everything” from various dramatic moments of their lives — not holding as much back from The Kardashians viewers as people imagined. (Hulu)

But viewers felt like the famous family held back a lot.

There were aspects of Khloe’s surrogacy journey and Tristan Thompson drama that stayed off-screen. Not to mention Kim’s painful struggle with Kanye.

Oh, Kim shared her pain … but it’s not like the cameras followed her while she actually grappled with every aspect of her toxic ex’s meltdowns.

This massive sofa dwarfs Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Khloe Kardashian on Season 3 of The Kardashians. (Hulu)

But were those reasonable expectations for viewers to have?

First of all, timing is a major issue. Production begins and ends on a schedule. That can be tricky (or impossible) to adjust.

And secondly … some things are out of the Kardashian family’s hands. Namely, if Kim and Kanye aren’t speaking, it’s awfully hard to film him for the show.

Flaunting her nails on the large sofa, Khloe Kardashian recalled having been in denial about things. Yeah. (Hulu)

Khloe absolutely went through a lot of humiliation. Some of it predated The Kardashians, of course.

Tristan Thompson forged an ugly chapter in her life. Even though the man himself is extremely hot. (That was arguably part of the problem)

Khloe expressed her total befuddlement over the idea that she didn’t cover enough to satisfy viewers.

Kim Kardashian clarified what the critics were saying during a Season 3 episode of The Kardashians. (Hulu)

So, Kim shared that a lot of bloggers were more or less saying that Khloe had addressed a lot of it “after the fact.”

A lot of what we see on The Kardashians seems to be the family sitting on luxurious furniture and/or speaking to the confessional camera and just … talking about their lives.

In other words, they are telling rather than showing. Which always happens to some degree … but some fans fear that it’s happening way too much.

Khloe Kardashian very fairly wondered how she could possibly cover something with reality TV cameras that she had not processed in her own mind. (Hulu)

According to Khloe, she wasn’t trying to lie to viewers.

Instead, she was sort of lying to herself. (Let’s face it — not for the first time on the topic of Tristan)

She was in denial, she admitted. And given her circumstances, it’s hard to say that others would not have had the same mindset.

For Season 3, Khloe Kardashian’s konfessional look was this gorgeous electric blue. (Photo Credit: Hulu)

Khloe then went on to highlight exactly how transparent she is being with viewers.

For example, she may have cancer. Skin cancer. On her face.

She told producers and viewers that she would have to get some sort of surgery. And, potentially, additional treatment.

It was while speaking to the camera that Khloe Kardashian noted fears that she might have skin cancer on her face. (Hulu)

After defending themselves on screen and hearing the criticisms, are the Kardashians going to throw in the towel?


And we know that because Hulu has made it pretty clear.

Producers and viewers alike felt concern when Khloe Kardashian shared her cancer fears. (Hulu)

Hulu originally ordered 40 episodes of The Kardashians.

Now, the streaming giant has ordered an additional 20 episodes on top of that.

Right now, we’re looking at 10 episodes per season. If the trend continues, The Kardashians will continue for six seasons … if not longer.

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