I have decided that this past month deserves its own highlight blog, and although I think that I will never forget August 2023, it is definitely worth formalizing it and ensuring that it is forever etched in my memory bank. I also want to use this opportunity to reflect on what I feel has been a jaw-dropping month of incredible sightings and a thriving bush with jam-packed diversity.

Looking back on the month that has been, I am again just in awe of what inhabits this incredible reserve, and the interesting and unique sightings we have been fortunate enough to have this August. In addition to my images highlighted in the TWIP #611 blog from earlier this month, the images below culminate a handful of memorable moments as well as a few ‘firsts’ for me!

Even though every season and every month has its perks of why it is worth going on safari during that time, this past month has been an extra special one.

I’ll let the images below explain why…

The Tsalala Female, in all her glory, as she continues to spend a lot of her time traversing the Sand River close to camp, perches on top of the prominent boulders at Plaque Rock. A special location in and of itself, watching her mill about on the boulders soaking up the last warmth of the afternoon light was a great way to start an afternoon drive.

Ka Ngungwe Senegal Bush Male Mating

Earlier this month, the Ngungwe Female and Senegal Bush Male were seen mating in the central parts of the Senegal Bush Male’s territory. The Ngungwe Female followed him far from her territory north of the river in pursuit of the dominant male with whom to mate. This was the first time I had seen her mating, which is an exciting prospect.

Young inquisitive beautiful female, bordering on independence as of November 2021


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Initially seen as a young male in 2016, this leopard only properly established territory on Londolozi in mid-2019


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Ka Ntsevu Breakaway

Repeatedly referred to now as notorious buffalo trailers, two young males from the Ntsevu Breakaway Pride eye out an older buffalo bull that had lagged behind the rest of the herd as they meandered through a combretum thicket looking for shade one late morning.

Ka White Backed Vultures Buffalo Carcass

After seeing numerous vultures descending in the open grasslands, we came across a committee of vultures feasting away on the remains of a subadult buffalo (the actual cause of death is unknown). The vultures themselves were very entertaining as we watched them tussle and harass one another fighting for a share in the meal.

Ka Two Male Waterbuck

The golden afternoon light and picture-perfect pose of these two young male waterbuck created an unexpected sighting and moment of appreciation for these antelope, allowing me to reflect on just how spectacular the lighting has been throughout the month, creating many magical photographic moments.

A single cub of the Ximungwe Female’s second litter. Initially rather skittish but is very relaxed now. Birth mark in his left eye.


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Ka Elephant Mud Wallowing

Warm days are here to stay! We spent the better part of an hour watching a herd of elephants entertain themselves as they tried to cool down. Despite the small size of the wallow, it didn’t stop this particular elephant from rolling in the mud… literally.

Ka Crocodile Grey Heron

We had stopped to admire the sheer size of this crocodile on the banks of the Sand River. The Grey Heron deciding to land right next to the crocodile was a big bonus!

Ka Wild Dog Pups On Road

Wild dog pups on Londolozi! Another first for me was experiencing the excitement and chaos of 19 wild dog pups running around our vehicle. It has been an incredible privilege having these animals on our property for a number of consecutive days now.

Ka Wild Dog Pup On Fallen Marula 2

Mischievous, mischievous, mischievous.

Fairly skittish male that is presumed to have come from the Kruger National Park.


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Ka Ntsevu Cubs Boulder Dappled Gold Light

While the Ntsevu Pride and cubs have been scarce at times on our side of their territory this past month, we did spend an exciting morning following the whole pride as they weaved their way through a drainage line in the central parts of our reserve.

Ka Elephant Open Areas

There is simply nothing better than sitting with a herd of elephants out in the open grasslands.

Ka Wild Dog Pup Scratching

Hey big ears, aren’t you just the cutest!

Ka Ntsevu Breakaway Approaching Large Herd

Three of the Ntsevu Breakaways listening to the sounds of a herd of buffalo not far up ahead.

Ka Serval

And lastly, my first time seeing a serval! And a fairly relaxed one too for that matter!

Kate Arthur

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