Feeding your Vizsla at certain times every day can be tricky, especially if you go out during their dinner time or sleep in past their breakfast time. A smart dog feeder for your Vizsla can help you feed at the right times, even when you’re not home. It’s a convenient option that helps keep your dog’s routine consistent.

However, there are a lot of automatic dog feeders on the market, so how do you know which one is right for you? This article will cover a variety of top-rated products to help you choose one for your canine companion.

What is a Smart Dog Feeder?

A smart dog feeder refers to a dog feeder that automatically dispenses meals. You can schedule food to be poured into the dog bowls at certain times, and some can link to your phone to help you control it remotely. It’s a great way to ensure that your Vizsla‘s feeding schedule stays consistent even when you’re busy.

How Does an Automatic Dog Feeder Work?

Each smart dog feeder works differently, but most involve you filling a container with food and scheduling a time for the food to come out. You can usually control how much food is released and when. Many of these products are advertised as automatic cat feeders, but they still work for Vizslas.

The feeders are usually plugged into the wall or battery-operated, but how you schedule the food time depends on the specific feeder. Of course, these feeders are designed for when you’re not home to feed your dog, but you should also test them when you are home to make sure they’re operating properly. If the feeder has an app, it can alert you if there’s an error with the machine.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Smart Dog Feeder for Your Vizsla

Here are a few aspects to consider when choosing an automatic dog feeder:

Dog eating out of food bowl


Large dogs often eat much more than little dogs, so the size of their food bowl needs to hold that. Check the dimensions of the feeder and its dog bowls to ensure your Vizsla‘s meals will fit.

Food Capacity

Food capacity can also matter, especially for large dogs. For most automatic dog feeders, you’ll fill the container, and then it will dispense for each meal. Thus, large dogs will go through the stored food faster than small dogs.

Other feeders only let you have a set number of meals, regardless of size. If you don’t mind refilling the feeder regularly, food capacity might not matter to you, but if you need a certain number of meals to dispense before refilling, double-check the capacity.


Most Vizsla parents favor smart feeders that are easy to use and clean. The goal of automatic feeders is to make mealtime easier, so if setting it up takes a lot of time, it might not be worth the cost.


Additional features may be important, depending on what you’re looking for. Some automatic feeders use Wi-Fi to operate, while others function on a timer system. Some have cameras so you can check on your Vizsla when you’re not home.


Extra features lead to an extra cost. So, you’ll need to decide if a smart feeder’s price is worth it based on how often you’ll use it and how beneficial it’ll be.

Best Smart Dog Feeders for Vizslas

Below are a few of the highest-rated smart dog feeders on Amazon.

#1 – WOPET 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

WOPET Smart Dog Feeder

Best Wi-Fi Enabled Feeder

The WOPET Pet Feeder links to Wi-Fi, so you can use your phone to control it. Through an app, you can schedule feeding times on your phone and select feeding portions. There’s also a manual feeding button if you don’t always want to rely on the app. It can hold about 1.6 gallons of pet food, and it’s only suitable for dry kibble. It functions using wall-powered or battery-powered features. You can even record a custom voice message for your Vizsla to let them know that it’s time to eat.

You can schedule up to 15 meals a day for your dog, which is beneficial for dogs that eat fast and need smaller portions at a time. The feeder has an infrared sensor that prevents more food from pouring if the bowl is already full. The kibble storage is transparent to make it easy to see when it needs to be refilled. Whenever you pour food in, there’s a latch at the top to keep it secure from greedy Vizslas. The feeder comes apart into several pieces for easy cleaning. It comes with a white or black exterior.


  • Uses Wi-Fi
  • Can schedule meals and portion food using an app
  • Can program up to 15 meals per day
  • Holds 1.6 gallons of kibble
  • Wall-powered or battery-powered
  • Sensor prevents too much food from being poured
  • Can record voice messages for Vizslas


#2 – PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder

PETLIBRO automatic feeder

Most Versatile

This automatic dog feeder has many customizable options to ensure that your Vizsla is always fed the right amount. All the meal programming can be done directly on the device without needing to download an app. You can set the timer, feeding portions, and meal times all at once. You can schedule up to six meals per day. The light-up panel is easy to read with clear instructions on how to set up your dog’s meal schedule. The exterior comes in black or white.

The food storage is transparent, but a red light will also alert you when it’s time to refill. Once it’s refilled, you can lock it to prevent mischievous dogs from sneaking extra food. On the feeder’s display screen, you can record a 10-second meal call to get your Vizsla‘s attention. When the food comes out, the machine uses a clog-free design to ensure that your dog gets all their meals. The feeder uses wall-powered energy, but battery-powered is a backup option.


  • Can schedule meals and portion food on the display screen
  • Can program up to 6 meals per day
  • Holds 1.6 gallons of kibble
  • Wall-powered or battery-powered
  • Alerts you when food is low
  • Can record voice messages for Vizslas
  • Has a clog-free design


#3 – WellToBe Automatic Pet Feeder

Smart dog feeder for two pets

Best for Multi-Pet Households

The WellToBe Automatic Pet Feeder has two dishes to serve two dogs side-by-side. The dispenser needs Wi-Fi because it’s controlled by an app, allowing you to give your Vizslas food even when you’re not home. On the app, you can schedule when the food will dispense and how much. You can also set up the feeding schedule using the buttons on top of the feeder. The machine has an anti-clog system, and the kibble falls into two dishes using a separator.

It holds about one gallon of food, and when it’s low, it will flash to alert you. The storage container isn’t transparent, so you’ll need to rely on the sensor to know when to refill it. The feeder can hold enough food to feed small dogs for 15 to 20 days. You can record a 10-second voice message to remind your Vizslas to get their food. It can be powered using a cord or batteries. This is a convenient option for two small-to-medium-sized dogs, as long as one dog isn’t likely to steal the other’s food before they can eat it. The feeder comes in black or white.


  • Can schedule meals through an app or on the feeder’s display
  • Can program up to 6 meals per day
  • Pours food for two Vizslas at a time
  • Holds 1 gallon of kibble
  • Alerts you when food is low
  • Has a clog-free design
  • Wall-powered or battery-powered
  • Can record voice messages for Vizslas


#4 – PetSafe 5 Meal Food Dispenser

PetSafe five meal dispenser

Best for Fast Eaters

This PetSafe product has a simpler design than some of the other smart dog feeder products, but it’s just as convenient. It has a rotating tray that can hold five separate meals. You can start with one meal exposed, and when it’s time for the next meal, the feeder will rotate to reveal a pre-portioned meal for your Vizsla. Using the buttons on the feeder, you can decide when another meal will be available. You’ll need to portion the meals yourself rather than having the machine do it for you.

If you want to give your dog another serving right away, you can press the “feed now” button on the feeder. It’s great for fast eaters and dogs on a diet because you can give them several smaller meals throughout the day if needed. The tray that the food goes in is removable and dishwasher-safe. It may not have as many bells and whistles as the electronic options, but it’s a straightforward design that’s great for when you’re not home. Some portions can include treats instead of food if you want to reward your Vizsla while you’re away.


  • Can schedule up to 5 meals per day
  • Each compartment can hold 1 cup of food
  • Works with wet or dry food
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Battery-operated


#5 – PetSafe Analog 2 Meal Programmable Feeder

Cat eating from automatic feeder

Best on a Budget

This smart pet feeder is the most affordable option because it’s a simple design that can program two meals at a time. Each meal has a dial timer, and when it reaches the time set, the flap will open to reveal the food. You can set the times at any half-hour increments. Each compartment can hold up to 1 1/2 cups of dry or wet food. You can either use the compartment for two separate meals or two smaller portions of one meal.

You’ll need to refill the feeder every morning, so it’s best for Vizsla parents who might not get home in time for their pets’ meals or those who want to sleep in. Setting up the meals only takes a few seconds. The lids close securely so sneaky pets can’t access the covered food. When the trays get dirty, you can remove them and place them in the dishwasher. The feeder is battery-operated.


  • Can schedule meals using the dial timers
  • Can program two meals at a time
  • Each compartment holds 1 1/2 cups
  • Works with wet or dry food
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Battery-operated


#6 – Ymiko Automatic Pet Feeder

YMIKO smart dog feeder

Best for Easy Setup

With the Ymiko Automatic Pet Feeder, you can dispense up to four meals per day. It can hold 0.8 gallons of food to ensure the food is fresh when your pet eats it. For small dogs, it can provide food for about one week, depending on your dog’s diet. You can program your Vizsla‘s meals using the light-up screen on the front of the feeder. When scheduling your pet’s meals, you can also record a 10-second voice message to let your dog know it’s time to eat.

This pet feeder is easy to set up. All you have to do is pour the food in and set up the meal times. The food storage is transparent, so you can see when the food is getting low. It has an anti-clogging design to ensure your Vizslas don’t get hungry while you’re away. It can be powered using a wall plug or batteries. The feeder can be cleaned using a damp cloth.


  • Can schedule meals on the feeder’s light-up display
  • Can program up to four meals a day
  • Holds 0.8 gallons of kibble
  • Has an anti-clogging design
  • Wall-powered or battery-powered
  • Can record voice messages for Vizslas


#7 – Petory Timed Automatic Feeder

Petory Timed Pet Feeder

Best Pet-Proof Storage Design

The Petory Timed Feeder has an airtight storage container with a secure lid. It’s designed so food won’t fall out if your Vizsla shakes it. It has a clog-free design that can fit all kibble shapes. The feeder’s storage space holds up to 1 gallon of kibble, which is just under 17 cups of dry dog food. To schedule the meals, you can use the display screen on the feeder. It only takes a few moments to set up the feeding times and portions.

You can program six meals daily. There’s also a slow-feed mode that dispenses smaller portions of a meal to prevent your Vizsla from gobbling it up too quickly. When it’s time to clean the feeder, the bowl disassembles and is dishwasher-safe. The feeder can be powered by a wall plug or batteries, and the product’s exterior comes in white, green, or pink.


  • Can schedule meals on the feeder’s display
  • Can program up to six meals daily
  • Holds 1 gallon of kibble
  • Has airtight storage
  • Has a clog-free design
  • Wall-powered or battery-powered
  • Bowl is dishwasher-safe
  • Has a slow-feed mode


#8 – PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe smart feeder

Best for Pairing with Devices

You can pair this smart feeder with several devices, including your smartphone, Alexa, and Amazon Echo. You can ask your Alexa or Amazon Echo to refill the food in the dish, and you can control portions and get alerts of low food on your phone. The feeder app requires an iPhone iOS 12.0 or newer or an Android 9.0 or newer. If you’re tech-savvy, this might be the option for you.

It holds about 1.6 gallons of kibble, and you can schedule up to 12 meals per day if your Vizsla needs smaller portions. One feature is the “slow-feed mode” that dispenses small amounts of your dog’s meal for 15 minutes. To power the feeder, you can plug it into the wall or use the backup batteries. Several parts of the product come apart and can be washed in the dishwasher, such as the lid, bowl, and bowl holder.


  • Can schedule meals using an app
  • Links with several devices, including Alexa and Amazon Echo
  • Holds 1.6 gallons of kibble
  • Can program up to 12 meals per day
  • Has a slow-feed mode
  • Wall-powered or battery-powered
  • Parts are dishwasher-safe


#9 – WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera

Pet feeder with camera

Best Smart Dog Feeder with Camera

The WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder is great for keeping an eye on your Vizsla even when you’re not home. It has a smart pet camera that connects to an app. The camera has a 120-degree view. When using the camera, you can also record and use the audio chat feature. The app also allows you to schedule meal times for your dog remotely. You can even record a 10-second message for your dog that will play when the meal is poured into their bowl.

You can schedule up to six meals and 20 portions per day to help slow down your Vizsla during meal time. There’s also a button on the feeder to manually dispense food. The storage space can hold up to 1.8 gallons of kibble. The secure lid is transparent, so you can look in and see how much kibble is left. The feeder can be powered through a wall plug or batteries.


  • Can schedule meals using an app
  • Can program six meals and 20 portions per day
  • Has a camera
  • Has audio chat and recording features
  • Can record voice messages for your Vizsla
  • Holds 1.8 gallons of kibble
  • Wall-powered or battery-powered


Frequently Asked Questions

Before you purchase a smart dog feeder for Vizslas, here are some lingering questions you might have.

Can Automatic Pet Feeders Use Wet Food?

Yes, some automatic dog feeders are designed to work with wet food, but most of them won’t. Any feeders that drop food instead of lifting a lid won’t work with wet food because the food may get clogged or go bad.

Can Large Dogs Use Smart Feeders?

Yes, some smart dog feeders can be used for large dogs. If the feeder can’t dispense enough food at one time, you may need to schedule two smaller portions around the same time. You’ll also need to refill the feeder more often for large dogs.

Are Gravity Pet Feeders Good?

A dog gravity feeder isn’t ideal, which is why none are included in this list. Gravity feeders consistently have kibble in the bowl, so it could cause your Vizsla to become overweight if they won’t stop eating when they’re full. These feeders don’t have any options for controlling meal times and portions.

Is a Smart Dog Feeder Right for You?

If you ever worry about your dog not getting fed on time, then a smart dog feeder might be what you need. Automatic feeders can help you ensure that your Vizsla gets fed at the same time every day. It can be beneficial when you’re not home, and even if you are home, it can add more consistency to your furry friend’s life. So, if you think this would benefit you and your canine companion, consider buying a smart dog feeder for your Vizsla.

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