ONLY those with perfect vision are able to spot the hidden pizza in this breakfast scene in just 11 seconds.

The chaotic picnic blanket is dotted with eggs, bacon, coffee, toast and fruit – but there’s a slice of pizza hiding amongst the early morning treats.


There’s a slice of pizza hiding on this breakfast tableCredit: Readers Digest

Mouthwatering foods like waffles, croissants and bagels are also on the scrumptious spread.

But only those with eagle eyes can spot the Italian delicacy hiding in the picture.

While you have a search for the piece of pizza, why not try one of our other optical illusions?

In this challenge, viewers are tasked with finding an American hot pizza amongst pizza express pies.

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The picture shows a number of different Pizza Express pizzas but lurking within is a single American Hot, topped with pepperoni and slices of fresh green peppers.

Can you find the fish hiding amongst the octopuses in this sea-life cartoon?

Curiosity will keep you transfixed for hours as it’s left internet users struggling to figure it out.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, who goes under the Twitter handle Dudolf posted his new puzzle on his Facebook page.

It should be easy as pie for hawk-eyed pizza fans to spot the eerie problem with these photos.

Can you work out what’s wrong with four tastebud-teasing photos of delicious pizza?

At first glance, it seems as though there’s nothing too suspicious.

Look closely at some of the toppings and you may see some very strange shapes that just don’t seem right.

Time’s up! Did you manage to find the slice of pizza in less than 11 seconds?

Don’t worry if not – we’ve circled the answer for you below.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see a delicious piece of pizza hiding in the lower left corner of the image.

The pizza was hiding in the bottom left of the image


The pizza was hiding in the bottom left of the imageCredit: Readers Digest

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