In celebration of the opening of Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop at MoPOP, we put on a series of events to deepen the impact of the exhibition.

Our first event was a Photography Workshop with local photographer Kariba Jack. Attendees learned how to create an image that is frame-worthy using any camera they like; from a cell phone camera to a DSLR.

Check out the workshop to learn about the basics of photography, from getting the shot to editing, including:

  • What is photography
  • Why photography is important
  • Types of photography styles and where you’ll see that work displayed
  • Camera phones & film and digital photography
  • Basic shooting guide (ISO, aperture, shutter speed)
  • Natural light/harsh lighting/diffused lighting
  • At home product shots (finding an object to photograph)
  • Discussing post processing mobile apps + software programs
  • Editing product photos

About Kariba Jack

Kariba Jack is a hip and fresh Nigerian-American photographer who loves capturing the now. Based here in Seattle, she specializes in natural light photography with a bold and vibrant approach to her portrait and wedding clients. She’s photographed many events and worked with celebrities including Trey Songz, Maya, Keyshia Cole, Wale, Common, Keri Hilson, Ne-yo and Tank. Photography is not only her profession, but her passion as well.

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