DENVER (KDVR) — A snowstorm rolled into the Front Range and the Denver metro over the weekend, dumping several inches to over a foot of snow in some areas.

The storm began Friday and lasted late into the evening on Saturday.

The state did not see nearly as much snow as it did between Feb. 2-3, but there were still a few big snow totals in some areas.

Weld County, namely Greeley, saw the biggest totals in the Front Range, with over a foot of snowfall in some areas.

Jefferson County also saw slightly more snow than the rest of the metro area, with Golden reporting 8.8 inches.

The following areas received at least 8 inches of snow during the storm:

County Location Snowfall (in inches)
Weld Greeley 13.5
El Paso 3 NW Black Forest 13.5
Weld 1 E Greeley 12.4
Weld Evans 12
Weld 1 S Greeley 11.7
Jefferson 1 NNW Genesee 10.8
Weld 2 WSW Greeley 10.5
Weld 1 ENE Greeley 10.3
Weld 1 WNW Greeley 10
Weld 4 W La Salle 9.5
El Paso 2 ENE Black Forest 9
Weld 1 E Milliken 9
Weld 1 WSW Greeley 9
Weld 2 E Greeley 9
Jefferson 1 E Golden 8.8
Weld Eaton 8.8
El Paso 2 NNE Monument 8.5
Jefferson 2 SW Golden 8.5
Weld 1 W Evans 8.5
Weld 4 WSW Eaton 8.5
Weld 1 ENE Milliken 8
Weld 1 NNW Garden City 8
Weld Platteville 8
Source: Iowa State University Iowa Environmental Mesonet

Denver itself did not receive nearly as much snow as some areas did, with 3.7 inches of snow falling over the two-day period.

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