Imagine completely throwing a round just to spawn in and hear, “Delete that recording” from Cypher.

Players have come up with one of the best ideas Valorant players have had in a long time: whiff voice lines. These would trigger anytime you barely miss an enemy (or had clear vision and really missed an enemy). 

Reddit user u/Commercial-Land-8906 came up with the idea and posted it on the game’s subreddit. From there, came up with some pretty hilarious ideas. Considering each character in Valorant is pretty well fleshed out, these fan ideas had plenty of personality.

Here are some of the best ones:

  • Phoenix: “Just firing some warning shots, yeah?”
  • Sova: “This is why I use a bow.”
  • Sage: “I might just be your healer…”
  • Gekko: “Catch you next time!”

Another idea was to re-use some of the other dialogue in the game that procs when a player does something well, except make it sarcastic for whiffs. 

Some brought up the idea that it may be a bit difficult to code into the game, with things like smokes or arguments about what counts as a whiff. Others pointed out that 90% of the time you whiff then you’re killed, so voice lines may not work.

The voice lines in Valorant are a pretty iconic part of the game, so adding some new ones for whiffs would make a lot of sense. Think you know all the agent’s voice lines? You can take a quiz about them here. There’s also a quiz about Valorant agents’ lore you can take here.

Brittany Alva

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