Theatergoer Describes ‘Outrageous’ Lauren Boebert ‘Beetlejuice’ Encounter
Theatergoer Describes ‘Outrageous’ Lauren Boebert ‘Beetlejuice’ Encounter

A woman who sat behind Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) at a theater in Denver on Sunday has described the lawmaker’s “outrageous” behavior before she was kicked out of the venue.

The extremist lawmaker was forced to leave the touring production of “Beetlejuice” following complaints from multiple other attendees about disruptive behavior, according to local news outlets.

Surveillance footage shows her and a companion being escorted out of the Buell Theater.

A pregnant woman who said she sat directly behind Boebert, and reportedly provided evidence she did so, told the Denver Post: “These people in front of us were outrageous. I’ve never seen anyone act like that before.”

The woman, who said she did not recognize Boebert, told the Post she asked the lawmaker to stop vaping, but the congresswoman simply said “no.”

She said Boebert was singing along loudly with her hands in the air and took multiple long videos during the first half of the performance.

The woman made a complaint during intermission. When she returned to her seat with her husband, Boebert called her a “sad and miserable person,” she said.

Theater officials told the Colorado Sun Monday that two patrons were escorted out of Sunday’s show after talking loudly, vaping and using cameras during the performance. They were warned during intermission, but continued to behave the same way in the second act, prompting their removal.

Boebert’s camp had acknowledged Boebert was taking photos, but disputed reports she was vaping, according to the Sun.

“I can confirm the stunning and salacious rumors: in her personal time, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is indeed a supporter of the performing arts (gasp!),” Drew Sexton, Boebert’s campaign manager, said in a statement to the Sun.

“She appreciates the Buell Theatre’s strict enforcement of their no photos policy and only wishes the Biden Administration could uphold our border laws as thoroughly and vigorously.”

Boebert’s congressional office did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment.

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