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Living in a small space doesn’t need to restrict your decorating dreams. There are many ways to give your interior a fresh look with some clever visual tricks.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to revamping a small living space, here are some painting and decorating ideas that work well in limited square footage.

Look for professionals to get the job done perfectly

You may be under the impression that painting is a piece of cake, and you can easily do it yourself in a weekend. But do you know how to use painter’s tape properly, and how to prepare surfaces for paint? What about choosing the right paint colour, or knowing which paint is good quality?

If all this sounds like too much hard work, it’s better to look for painters in London. A group of professionals will deal with the task in no time without breaking the bank.

small living space with neutral colour scheme

Recognise the impact of light

Many people choose paint colour according to their taste, often trying to make it work in an existing room layout. However, to make the right paint choice you should first work out how much natural light is coming into the room.

If a room is filled with sunlight during the day, light colours may look even more subtle as the natural light reflects off the walls. On the other hand, a coat of dark paint in a room that lacks natural light will make it look even darker, and possibly smaller too.

Vertical stripes

If you ask professional painters in London or in any other city what it takes to make a small room look visually bigger, they will probably suggest vertical stripes.

This idea is perfect for small rooms, as decorating walls with vertical stripes creates an illusion of a very high ceiling. It’s totally fine to start with a white wall, and fill it with vertical stripes in your chosen colour. If you’d like to add a touch of depth, try using two contrasting or complementary colours to create visual impact.

small living space with neutral colour scheme

Mirrors everywhere

It’s common knowledge in interior design that mirrors can create impressive illusions in every room. This is a popular decorating tip used by professional painters in London.

Mirrors reflect light and make any room look bigger. If you want to paint a small interior in dark colours, placing mirrors on the wall above a table or near a window can help to make the space feel bigger.

open plan living area

Best colours for small living areas

There’s a wide range of colours trending in the interiors industry right now. When faced with so much choice it can be difficult to choose a shade.

Experienced painters will always advise you to go for one of the following basic shades.

  • Blue – fresh shades of blue make an interior look bright. They also allow natural light to bounce around the room, making it feel bigger.
  • Green – use shades of this colour to create a relaxing space. Green is known as the colour of harmony and balance and it looks great in small spaces.
  • Beige – cosy and warm shades of beige and other neutral colours will make a room look more spacious.

There are so many ways to make a room feel bigger with a coat of new paint or decorations. Do you have a top tip for decorating a small living space?


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