The Best Beach Resort Marketing Strategies

Are you in charge of marketing at a beach resort? If so, you’re familiar with marketing strategies that reach the right audience. However, some marketing efforts are better than others. Discover the best beach resort marketing strategies and start implementing these practices today.

Flowing Content

Flowing content is the most important element of marketing. You need consistent posts that engage customers and raise brand awareness. Create a content schedule that incorporates several social media platforms.

For instance, commit to posting on Instagram every three days. Meanwhile, post blogs on the resort’s website every week or live stream once a month.

You want customers to look forward to posts instead of moving to a different resort. Flowing content makes you a reliable source for resort-related information.

Video Marketing

Hearing about a resort is one thing, but seeing it is another experience. Showcase the resort’s unique amenities and services through videos. Take special care to highlight the resort’s beauty and luxurious accommodations.

Let people imagine themselves on vacation, enjoying everything the resort has to offer. Videos create emotional connections with prospective guests.

Post videos on social media pages and try different formatting options. For example, post live streams on Facebook pages and reels on Instagram. Give guests a sneak peek at the resort’s identity.

User-Generated Content

Sharing user-generated content is a smart resort marketing strategy that re-establishes the brand’s reputation. Instead of telling people that your resort is the best or has superior amenities, you can show them through first-hand accounts.

Resharing posts from previous guests increases customer engagement. These posts feel more organic and authentic because guests don’t receive financial gain from sharing their experiences.

When people see guests having a great time at the resort, they’ll be more likely to book their own stay!

Branded Promotional Gear

Physical and digital advertising is important for all businesses. When people see consistent logos, colors, and names, they find it easier to become familiar with a brand.

For physical promotions, resorts should utilize branded promotional gear like umbrellas and table covers. Hotels and resorts are among the businesses that can benefit from promotional umbrellas because they’re practical tools.

Resorts already use umbrellas on beaches, so why not customize the products? Grab the attention of guests and passersby with branded gear.

Cross-Promotion Efforts

Give people a reason to visit your resort. Perhaps there’s an upcoming concert in the area or a grand opening of a new feature. Encourage people to book a room and take advantage of these upcoming opportunities. Cross-promotion increases revenue, customer engagement, and media presence.

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