Commenting on the recent failed legislation, Kristopher Kem, FLUENT Cannabis Care Texas President said:


While we are ultimately disappointed in the Texas Senate’s failure to take action to decriminalize cannabis and expand the state’s medical cannabis program, we commend Texas Rep. Joe Moody, Rep. Stephanie Klick and their respective authors and cosponsors of House Bill 218 and House Bill 1805 for their continued work to enact meaningful legislation on cannabis reform. 


As of October of last year, Texas ranked number one in the U.S. for most cannabis possession arrests. For decades, cannabis prohibition has funneled thousands of Texans into the criminal justice system. With more than 80% of Texans supporting the decriminalization of cannabis and the legalization of medical cannabis in the state, we must continue to call on our elected leaders to act on the will of their constituents and right the wrongs of the past. 

At FLUENT, we believe in broadening access to medical cannabis. We are currently expanding our delivery capabilities to support patient populations in Houston and Austin, because we believe that Texans – and all Americans – deserve access to safe, tested medical cannabis. 

While we’re disappointed in this legislative outcome, we’re here to support the people of Texas and look forward to growing our operations and presence in the state.

Sean Hocking

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