Kody Brown has opened up about feeling unsafe in his relationship with his now ex-wife, Meri Brown.

Their love life underwent significant changes after they embraced polygamy, and the Brown family patriarch added three more wives. After years of estrangement, Meri officially ended their virtually non-existent relationship in the season 18 finale of the family’s TLC show, “Sister Wives.”

Kody Brown Has No Plans To Rekindle With Ex-Wife Meri Brown

Amid the crumble of his plural marriage, Kody has acknowledged that he no longer feels married to Meri while expressing regret over decisions that contributed to the strain in his relationships with three of his four wives. 

In a teaser of the “Sister Wives One-on-One” special, interviewer Sukanya ‘Suki’ Krishnan questioned Kody about whether he has communicated to Robyn, his last standing wife, that he no longer feels married to Meri.


In response, the reality TV star claimed, “Yeah, of course Robyn knows where I’m at.” As the conversation progressed, Kody disclosed that even though he will “always love” Meri, being in love with her was a different ball game. In his words:

“I can’t be in love with her. It’s not safe for me. And when I say that, make up any b——t you want, but I’m telling you, I’m not going to sit here and drive the bus over her because this is sad. It’s heartbreaking. It just didn’t work.”

Another of his now ex-wives, Janelle, also offered some perspective on Robyn’s role in Meri’s relationship with Kody, sharing:

“I think Robyn really does try to advocate for Meri, for better or for worse. As Robyn, I never would have put myself in that position. If Kody can’t talk to Meri alone, then they probably shouldn’t be having any kind of conversations. But I know that Meri calls Robyn in. I don’t know. It’s kind of a big mess to me.”

Regarding whether Kody was “afraid” to share his feelings about Meri with Robyn, the mother of six does not believe that is the case. Declaring that the father of 18 “was very vocal” with her to the point where “there was no hope of a relationship there. So I don’t think he’s afraid to say it.”

Meanwhile, Meri addressed Kody’s refusal to inform her of his stance about remaining separated from her ages ago. During her own segment on the “One-on-One Special,” the 52-year-old expressed that her former husband “should have told me because I’m still sitting here holding onto the idea that maybe you might get your head out of your butt.”

"Sister Wives" cast attend MIKE TYSON SHOW OPENING IN VEGAS

When Suki asked the California native, “Isn’t it not about him hearing you? Isn’t it about you being heard?,” she confidently retorted, “Oh, my voice will be heard. I will no longer be silent.” The assertion has already placed fans on the edge of their seats, anxiously waiting for Meri to offload the secrets trailing her former relationship.

The ‘Becoming Sister Wives’ Co-Author’s Heart Belongs To Just One Of His Wives

On Monday, The Blast reported that Kody revealed that he and Robyn have a significantly stronger connection compared to that of his previous wives. Despite being married to Meri, Christine, and Janelle before Robyn, he noted that the depth of love he experiences with the mother of five is unparalleled. Kody said:

“I fell in love with Robyn, I never fell in love with anybody else. I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love with them. I met Robyn, and there was a safety and a vulnerability that I had never experienced in my life. And I met her, and I started weeping for joy and didn’t stop for months.”

Kody’s confession seemingly shocked Robyn, who admitted that she “tried her best” to hide her true feelings for her man from the other women. According to the 45-year-old, she was consistently “suppressing and concealing” her connection with the 54-year-old because she did not want to hurt her former sister-wives with it.

Nevertheless, some of the sister wives were perceptive, as Meri affirmed that Kody and Robyn have always shared a “soul connection,” and he had genuinely found happiness with her.

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