One of the big breakout anime success stories over the last couple of years has been My Hero Academia, a show focused on the next generation of superheroes. For Black Friday 2023, several seasons of the anime adaptation is on sale, and if you’re looking for a charming show that features terrific animation, colorful characters, and riveting storylines, this one is not be missed. And if you’d like to read the source material first, you can pick up the 20-volume My Hero Academia manga box set for only $98 (down from $180).

My Hero Academia

Set in a world where 80% of humanity has been endowed with superpowers that are known as Quirks, society has inevitably seen some people use their abilities for more nefarious means and the rise of heroes who stand against them. My hero Academia follows the powerless Izuku Midoriya after a fateful encounter with the world’s greatest hero, All Might, and how he inherits the power of that legendary hero. Armed with One For All–a literal and metaphorical double-edged blade of power that leaves him just as injured as it does his enemies–Izuku enrolls in the UA academy so that he can learn to control his new powers and become a professional hero alongside his classmates.

For Black Friday, you can pick up the first season of the show alongside its more recent seasons. These Blu-rays have been discounted by around 50% and include some delightful extras to watch once you’re done with the episodes. The second film in the anime franchise, Heroes Rising, is also on sale and sees the class of heroes-in-training visit an island under assault from a supervillain who can control the weather.

For more entertainment deals, you can pick up one of the best animated films of the year for an absolute bargain. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is just $10 for the 4K Blu-ray version, and plenty of other movies and TV shows have been discounted as well. Some of the highlights include The Matrix 4-Film Collection for $48 (normally $90), The Sopranos: Complete Series on Blu-ray for $56 (normally $145), and The Lord of the Rings: Complete Trilogy (Blu-ray) for $39 (down from $65).

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