Sometimes being together is easier when you make sure to take plenty of alone time.

Holland Taylor shared that her relationship with Sarah Paulson is harmonious partly due to the actors’ differences, and because they each take the space they need.

Taylor, 80, told Page Six that Paulson, 48, is “much more social” than she is.

“I think we each follow our own path so we’re not exactly the same,” she said. The two attended the 2023 Second Stage Theater Fall Gala together, where Paulson was honored, on November 6.

“We do some things separately so everyone gets to be true to what they believe,” Holland said. “She’s much more social, and I like a little bit of alone time, so I have that. She spends some time with friends and not with me, so it’s a good balance.”

Paulson, who is a mainstay in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and American Crime Story projects, as well as a guest star in the most recent season of The Bear, began dating Holland, an alum of Two and a Half Men and current The Morning Show cast member, in 2015. In 2018, Paulson addressed comments about the pair’s nearly 32-year age gap in an interview with Modern Luxury.

“If anyone wants to spend any time thinking I’m strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, then that’s their problem,” she said. “I’m doing just fine.”

Recently, Paulson joked to People that her love of dogs had caused Holland to draw a firm line in the sand. She said that she and actor Amanda Peet, a close friend, went to pick out a dog for Peet’s mother, and Taylor gave her a warning that she was not to bring another pup home.

“I was leaving the house, and Holland said, ‘If you come back with another dog, I’m going to have to question the veracity of this relationship,’” Paulson said. “I called her from there, and I was like, “I’ve met my son.’”

She told the mag that “I follow a lot of animal rescues on Instagram. I have sorrowful tears when I first see the animal, and hopefully by a few days later I get happy tears that they’re rescued.”

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