Richardson Electronics (RELL) Strengthens Power Management Portfolio in the Americas with Navitas Semiconductor

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. (Nasdaq: RELL) and Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS) announced today a new distribution partnership for next-gen silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors for the Americas.

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. will focus on Navitas’ world-leading GeneSiC™ power MOSFETs and MPS™ diodes that are rated from 650 V – 6.5 kV. Patented trench-assisted planar-gate technology delivers the lowest RDS(ON) at high temperature and the lowest energy losses at high speeds. This enables unprecedented, industry-leading levels of performance, robustness, and quality.

With a broad portfolio, these devices are ideal for a number of applications including but not limited to renewable energy and storage, motor drives, induction heating and welding, battery charging, automotive, and high voltage DC-DC conversion.


  • G3R™ technology for +15 to 18V gate drives
  • Superior QG x RDS(ON) figure of merit
  • Lowest RDS(ON) variation with temperature
  • Low gate charge and device capacitances
  • Broad portfolio, with over 100 parts
  • Easy to parallel for high-power applications


  • Cooler, smaller, lighter circuits and systems
  • Superior robustness, quality, and reliability
  • Fast time-to-prototype, and fast time-to-market

“For years Richardson has developed an excellent portfolio of power management components and engineered solutions. Adding Navitas as a key technology partner is an excellent addition to supporting our customers’ needs,” said Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President and General Manager Power Microwave and Green Energy Solutions Group. “Their products are world class and provide disruptive technology to our customers looking for superb hard-switching components with excellent lead-times.”

“Navitas’ GeneSiC™ product line-up of SiC MOSFETs and MPS rectifiers have proven themselves as the new industry benchmark in performance, robustness, and reliability the world over. Navitas recognizes Richardson’s long-term partnerships, technical knowledge and robust customer support to American customers who demand high end power semiconductor products” said Dr. Ranbir Singh, Executive Vice President at Navitas. “GeneSiC MOSFETs and MPS diodes are a perfect fit for Richardson’s market strongholds of renewable energy, industrial, medical, transportation, and energy storage.”

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