Tuscaloosa, Ala.: Re “We don’t ‘prevent suicide’,” (Dec. 25): It’s great that Twitter restored its suicide-prevention tool, but Twitter and other companies should be doing more to prevent suicide, not simply restoring an inadequate status quo. One easy way to do that would be to expand the range of search terms that return suicide prevention information.

Searching for the word “suicide” on most platforms will return suicide prevention information. Guns are the most common suicide method, and many more people die by gun suicide than by gun homicide. Of course, Americans know that firearms are deadly and easily purchased. So many people contemplating suicide do not search for the word “suicide” but rather search directly for “gun shops,” “guns near me” or “guns for sale.” Displaying the new 988 mental health crisis telephone number at the top of searches like this could save many lives at essentially zero cost.

People who own guns in this country generally own more than one, so most have bought a gun before and are therefore less likely than first-time buyers to need to search for “gun shops.” It only takes one gun to commit suicide, so it’s the first-time buyers who are at the greatest risk.

The research is overwhelming that interrupting a suicide attempt, even by just a little, can save a person’s life. Search engines and social media companies are currently missing an easy opportunity to save lives. Fredrick E. Vars

Staten Island: My New Year’s resolution is to think more positively! Everything will work out! Let’s build a better way for ourselves. Let’s learn to love ourselves and honor ourselves. Let’s pursue happiness and love and inspire each other to build a better world. One step at a time, let’s create love and peace. Eva Tortora

Ocala, Fla.: With the close of 2022, I just finished reading a February 2020 edition of the New Yorker magazine again and relived the horror of the beginning of COVID-19 and the work that went into the vaccines. The last few years have been horrible and good. Many good people came together to help neighbors, friends and our first responders. Our president pushed for more PPE and the last vice president and the current president urgently sought solutions to keep us safer. We lost a million Americans to COVID and we still have to be vigilant. I am praying that Ukraine will be victorious and destroy the Russian murder machine so Europe won’t go to war. We lost many friends and great artists this year. I wish all of you remember the good things that have happened in your life, continue your volunteer efforts for the less fortunate and hold your dear ones close. Happy New Year. Lynn Miller

Howard Beach: “Nobody’s above the law.” Do Americans still believe that? Donald Trump is still at large. You or I would be in jail for a fraction of what he did, not the least of which was an attempted putsch against a fair and honest election that he lost. A happy New Year not. Ernest Kienzle

Brooklyn: Requiring travelers from China to show proof of vaccination is a joke. Half the knockoff products in this country come from China. How difficult is it for crooks in China, or even the Chinese government, to print up certificates showing people were vaccinated when they weren’t? The only way to ensure China does not unleash another pandemic is to quarantine passengers arriving from China, return those that test positive and vaccinate those that don’t. Josh Greenberger

Manhattan: Thanks for the needed story about our man about town, Mayor Adams (”Ambition vs. reality,” Jan. 1). His ambitions and dreams are welcome but so far, he’s been a great cheerleader and a weak leader. Surrounding himself with cronies, many with criminally tainted pasts, and persons poorly qualified for critical positions magnifies his own limitations. To his making and keeping sorely needed New Year’s resolutions! Francesca Turchiano

Beechhurst: When the great Barbara Walters bid “The View” adieu, those were mighty big shoes to fill. The show was on a downhill trajectory ever since it lost its magical mojo after Walters’ departure. She kept the show classy, but it has degenerated into a playpen of cackling prima donnas. James Hyland

Plainview, L.I.: Why do all press reports about accused University of Idaho mass murderer Bryan Kohberger say that he has agreed to “waive extradition” as if he has any choice in the matter or could fight extradition as if he is being a cooperative, nice guy doing a favor to his four victims’ grieving families and the United States justice system? It is not up to him. The U.S. Constitution is crystal clear on the matter. Article IV, Section 2, Clause 2 explicitly states that: “A Person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on Demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.” Case closed! Richard Siegelman

Bronx: The horrific article about the fatal stabbing of a Brooklyn father allegedly by his transgender daughter, as well as critically injuring her sister (” ‘Saturated’ in blood,” Dec. 30), was very hard to read. However, the most difficult part to stomach was the mention of the deceased father’s social media posts supporting President Donald Trump, and that Trump had rolled back the previous president’s guidance regarding transgender students’ bathroom choices. If that was an attempt to lessen the blame or guilt of a maniac who happens to be transgender or to rationalize their actions, then the only person more inept than the five clueless authors of the article is the editor who let it go to print. Joe Schulok

Jamaica: To Voicer Nick Smith: Your denial of Palestinians practicing a culture of hate against Jews is unfortunate. The charter of Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Jews. Its schools do not teach the Holocaust or show Israel on the map. Palestinian cartoons routinely show a Palestinian hero killing a Jewish villain. Palestinian landmarks are named in honor of Arabs who killed Jews. The largest component of the social service budget of the Palestinian Authority is the payment of the salaries of Arabs jailed for murdering Jews. Ebere Osu

Belvidere, N.J.: I would like to inform Voicer Sarah Alboher that while hunting is a kill sport, fishing is not a kill sport anymore. New Jersey has a skillful angler program that started about 40 years ago. It began as a catch-and-kill fishing contest. Fifteen years ago, the program added a catch-and-release fishing contest. So successful is catch-and-release that the entries for the skillful angler are about 95% catch-and-release with barely any catch-and-kill entries. Go to any freshwater lake in New Jersey and survey the boat and shoreline people fishing — 95% of them will tell you they practice catch-photo-release. Dan Arthur Pryor

Staten Island: What is it with your sports section? It seems you rarely list the games of UConn’s women’s basketball games! No articles of games played, won or lost. Is it possible that your staff of sports writers have an ongoing feud with their coach, Geno Auriemma, or the school itself? Maybe it’s the SNY channel you dislike? This has been going on for some time. What have you to say? Michael Modafferi

Toms River, N.J.: To Voicer Ira Cure: George Santos’ lies are far from “a few résumé embellishments.” He literally lied about everything from his education and work history to his religious background. In another example of their rank hypocrisy, Republicans have been silent. One can only imagine the outcry from the right if this was a Democrat. There must be consequences for this. Since he is unlikely to resign and Kevin McCarthy is worthless, pressure has to come from the electorate. A message has to be sent that honesty still matters. John Stanzione

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