Everybody has a limit to how free speech can be

Bronx: So the Daily News Editorial Board supports “free speech” on campus and claims “even hateful words are protected” (“Keep speech free on campus,” Nov. 3). Hmm, sounds very enlightened and progressive, while campuses are experiencing the most horrific antisemitic hate speech ever.

So, does your editorial apply to every group? How about anti-gay groups? Are they protected in calling campus gays slurs and saying, “God hates fags”? How about if the Ku Klux Klan decides to rally on campus? Can they have signs saying, “Go back to Africa”? Or signs comparing Black people to apes? Or signs with the euphemistic N-word? Heck, the Daily News won’t even print that word, but you’ll allow it as campus hate speech? In fact, just that word alone on a poster would immediately halt all the supposed free-speech college administrators, who would personally escort the sign-bearer to jail — after first letting the mob assault him, all with total impunity.

So let’s just call this what it is: Your position is biased, fake progressive posturing and you know it. Anti-Jewish and anti-white hate speech is allowed and even welcomed on campuses — and by the Daily News, which won’t even report on most anti-Jewish, anti-white hate speech and incidents — but try holding an anti-gay, anti-BLM or anti-Asian rally on a college campus and your call for free speech goes right down the toilet, which is where your editorial should go. Shame on these “halls of learning.” Colleges should teach civil discourse and stand up against hate speech — all of it. Eric Cavaballo Callvado

Legitimate critique

Manhattan: Why is it that as I differentiate between the terrorist group Hamas and the Palestinian people caught in a horrific situation, when I voice that these atrocities being committed by the Israeli government are reprehensible, people insinuate that I’m antisemitic? I have many amazing friends from Israel, and the country has every right to exist and defend itself. But instead of leveling hospitals, shouldn’t you just get into those tunnels and rout out the enemy who committed the atrocities? To target infrastructure and water supplies is just plain vengeful against a people who currently have no say in their lives or future. This questioning of the Israeli government’s actions does not lessen my admiration for the wonderful Israeli people. Tedd Merritt

Hide your eyes

Manhattan: Re Voicer Chet Walker’s letter about seeing pornographic pictures of gay men “frolicking” on Fire Island: The solution is simple — don’t look at gay pornography. And while you’re at it, live and let live. Mike Michaelini

Weak dealer

Merrick, L.I.: President Biden met with Xi Jinping. Wow, the two agreed that Xi would curb fentanyl distribution if sanctions were lifted, which our Manchurian president agreed to lift. The only problem is these sanctions were in place because Xi made the same promises to Donald Trump when they met. As we know, during that meeting Trump stepped out for a few minutes only to return and tell Xi sorry, I had to bomb Syria. After that moment, Xi never made a provocative move until Trump was removed from office by the unelected officials in government. Shame that this feckless administration couldn’t ever put on its big-girl pants and do the same thing. Donald Ziminski

Killer chemical

Bayside: Speaking about the drug problem in the country, President Biden related a story about two children who “woke up dead.” That’s a good trick, but it’s not a trick — the president’s brain is unfortunately dead and the children of America are dying due to the actions of the Chinese government sending fentanyl into the United States, brought in through the southern border. Kiss your children today and every day, as the government does not love them, only you do. Timothy Collins

Foolhardy followers

Manhattan: It ceases to amaze me that well-educated, moral Republicans can support Donald Trump and George Santos. How can they justify the illegalities and lies that these two politicians do constantly? How can they justify that a man who used a supposed disability to not serve his country mocked those who did and do their military service? Shame on all of them! Marilyn Levin


Richmond Hill: To Voicer Stew Frimer: I question why you finally decided to “reveal” your “true identity” as a “MAGA far-right-winger.” Wouldn’t you be proud to be a Trump-lover and not hide it? I am neither a Republican nor Democrat and have voted for both parties over the years. Therefore, I was not brainwashed by either party and thankfully I could make an objective decision as to who I thought was the best fit for running our wonderful country. They were not flawless, but they ruled with dignity and decency. Sadly, the former president definitely has no decency or honesty. He has created an atmosphere and instilled an extraordinary fondness for spreading hatred, violence, anger and the love of dictatorship. Mr. Frimer: If you choose that kind of a ruler, please feel free to relocate to a country that believes in dictatorship, lies and violence. You have quite a few to choose from. Ene Kelly

Carrying the city

Brooklyn: I’m reading about Mayor Adams stating that the budget cuts will be painful for New Yorkers. What he means is it will be painful for the New Yorkers who work. We have to sit by and pay massive taxes while we hear about the billions being spent on asylum-seekers. So disheartening. Doe DeSiena

Undue underlings

Bradley Beach, N.J.: Instead of canceling the incoming NYPD class and making cutbacks in other city agencies, Mayor Adams should cut some of his staff. There are so many deputy mayors for this and that, and advisors such as Rana Abbasova (director of protocol, huh?) who earn large salaries that can be slashed. Mr. Mayor, get your own house in order. Patrick Freeman

Security risks

New Rochelle, N.Y.: Mayor Adams is failing the city when he cuts the hiring of cops while violent crime, hate crimes and mentally unhinged homeless people endanger our streets and subways. I no longer feel safe visiting the city. As a lifetime Democrat, I never thought I would have to vote Republican, but law and order does not seem to be a part of the Dem platform in New York State. Brian Feinblum

Changed his tune

Brooklyn: Mayor Adams has stopped criticizing President Biden’s handling of the migrants since the FBI raided his treasurer’s house two weeks ago. Mission accomplished, Joe? John O’Hara

Breaking point

Brooklyn: New Yorkers have finally witnessed the tragic results of one of the greatest COVID-era travesties thrust upon us by our own government: the removal of the right of landlords to receive rent. Since 2020, our judicial system has been broken. It is functioning in very limited capacity. Landlords have absolutely no recourse to obtain justice. They are carrying squatters on their shoulders for more than three years. They are foreclosing. They are losing their life savings trying to meet the expenses of property ownership without rental income. Two landlords have snapped. One resorted to arson to evict his tenants; the other, this past Tuesday, to murder. There are limits to what human nature can endure. When these cases finally come up for judgment, these landlords should be found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. New York City has blood on its hands. Beatrice Perilli-Martin

Case of heartlessness

Brooklyn: Regarding the horse carriage driver charged a year after his horse collapsed and later died: It was heart-wrenching to see the video of the driver pulling and slapping the horse Ryder after he collapsed on a Manhattan street on a sweltering day. One can have very bad thoughts about what should happen to this so-called human being — surely, one of many of our species across the globe who have enormous capability and ingenuity in inflicting pain and suffering on other living beings. As Victor Hugo said: “Doubtless it was first of all necessary to civilize man in relation to his fellow men. But it is also necessary to civilize humans in relation to nature. There, everything remains to be done.” Jeffrey Kramer

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