A “quite mischievous” Golden Retriever and Labrador mix left his owner in stitches after having a hilarious reaction to staying at his grandma’s house that had stairs for the first time.

Sunny is a 1-year-old dog who lives in Didsbury, England, with his owner Ellie Moore. For the start of his life, the young dog has lived with his family in a home without stairs, so when he went to stay with his “grandpawrents,” two floors were quite a surprise for the pup.

While staying at the house, Moore was woken just before 6 a.m. by a loud banging sound.

“We started hearing the crashing round just before 6 a.m.,” Moore told Newsweek. “I felt quite confused as we had just woken up and were the only ones in the house at the time, then I realized Sunny wasn’t in the room.”

Sunny, a 1-year-old Golden Retriever and Labrador mix, is seen playing with the tennis ball on the stairs.
@always_sunny_in_didsbury/TikTok & Instagram

When she got up to see what he was up to, she found Sunny had created a new game—throwing his tennis ball down the stairs and following it with glee.

“I got up to check as he is usually quite mischievous,” Moore added.

Sunny was playing his newly invented game with the tennis ball for around 15 to 20 minutes, and Moore managed to catch it on camera.

Sharing Sunny’s latest antics online, Moore posts videos and pictures of her beloved dog to TikTok and Instagram under the handle @always_sunny_in_didsbury.

After posting the video to TikTok last week, which has over 18,000 views so far, others shared their reactions to Sunny’s game.

“That is so pure,” wrote one TikTok user, while others were quick to share a smiling face with hearts emoji in response.

“We also caught Sunny playing the same game on the stairs outside into the garden at my parent’s house the next day,” Moore explained to Newsweek.

Sunny’s owner loves sharing her pet’s adventures, with Moore adding: “I share videos because he makes me laugh, and I’m probably secretly—or not so secretly—a crazy dog parent. Me and my partner Neil thought it would be nice to share his journey as we have known him since he was just a day old, so he is very special to us.”

Dogs don’t always do well with stairs, however, like the puppy who melted hearts learning how to use the stairs, or the scared rescue dog who had to learn how stairs worked after years being trapped in a cage. By contrast, a French Bulldog delighted the internet over the summer with her excited reaction to stairs as she acted like a “wind up toy.”

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