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Old School Label Making, New School Interface

The E-TKT by Andrei Speridiao is an exploration of delightful anachronism. It is a label maker that you can control from your phone.

You might be thinking “but don’t modern label makers have phone apps already?”. Yup, many do, but they’re simply not as cool as this one!

E-TKT: anachronic label maker

Andrei found himself using an old manual label maker, and was frustrated at how quickly it broke. He considered buying a new wireless thermal printing piece of tech, but ultimately got inspired to build this anachronistic block of coolness instead.

With the E-TKT, you get the modern convenience of the web interface and the nice tactile feel of the old-school pressed-labels. He’s also documented everything quite thoroughly and shared it all for anyone to reproduce on their own.

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