Mike Pence has “gone to the dark side,” according to Trump

As more and more Republicans are backing away from Trump, he’s lashing out against them via his platform of choice, Truth Social. In response to recent comments made by the former vice president, and his release of merchandise featuring the phrase, “Too honest” — all relating to Trump’s 2020 election indictment and his Jan 6. involvement — Trump made several comments on Saturday accusing Pence of going over to “the dark side.”

“WOW, it’s finally happened! Liddle’ Mike Pence, a man who was about to be ousted as Governor Indiana until I came along and made him V.P., has gone to the Dark Side,” he wrote this weekend. “I never told a newly emboldened (not based on his 2% poll numbers!) Pence to put me above the Constitution, or that Mike was ‘too honest.’ He’s delusional, and now he wants to show he’s a tough guy. I once read a major magazine article on Mike. It said he was not a very good person. I was surprised, but the article was right. Sad!”

Per Politico, Pence’s new “Too honest,” merch is a reference to prosecutors stating that Trump accused him of being as such, after his refusal to reject electoral votes during the 2020 election certification process, which Trump denies. 


Kelly McClure

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