Here’s What I Accomplished: A breakfast (egg bake), a snack (pumpkin squares), lunch (broccoli soup with chicken) and chicken with cauli rice to start the week. It won’t get me all the way through the week, but will give me enough food to get going on a healthy foot.

Next up, I’m planning on making Mediterranean fish and sheet pan veggies for dinner. When I cook fish, I like to get it day of, so I’ll stop at the store on Tuesday to make that for Tuesday night’s dinner. On Tuesday, I’ll also figure out what I need for Wed. and Thurs. night, and something else for breakfasts and snacks.

One weeknight meal usually ends up being very quick (a rotisserie chicken with a bagged salad — done!) or something similar. And that’s OK. It’s homemade enough.

Meal planning and prepping is tricky. Don’t think it’s not. But, as a working busy mom, if I can do it, so can you!



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