Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posting a photo of her cooking has sparked an avalanche of jokes on Twitter.

The Georgia congresswoman tweeted a photo of what appeared to be roasted venison leg on Saturday night.

“I am so proud of my son, Derek,” Greene wrote alongside the photo.

The 19-year-old is “capable of so much because he knows how to hunt responsibly, work, and solve problems,” she wrote.

“As his Mom, I love cooking the food that he provides and I’m grateful for his skill to bring down an animal in one shot, clean it himself, & share w/ his friends.”

Greene went on to say it is “important to know how to survive” and “to raise your boys to be men.”

But her photo led to many mocking Greene’s cooking skills, with some suggesting that she posted the image after Twitter roasted her Thanksgiving turkey.

“I love how the other day people were dissing her over that white-a** unseasoned turkey and now she’s posting this very overcooked piece of whatever to prove she can season her food,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said: “That looks absolutely disgusting. I didn’t think it could get much worse than the turkey. Clearly Marge is not a culinary genius, or any kind of genius for that matter.”

Another person described it as a “dried up shriveled piece of c***,” while another said Greene had “made jerky out of that thing.”

“What have you done to that poor animal?? Can’t you at least honor it by knowing how to cook it?” the person wrote.

One person offered some tips to Greene, saying “ya might wanna turn the oven down a few degrees or pull it a bit earlier.”

In a separate post the same user questioned what the meat actually was. “What is it?? Somewhere between a very small deer leg and a huge turkey leg…,” they said.

Twitter user Jen Tusch said the Republican should borrow some ketchup to cover the taste.

The comments came after Greene’s photo of a bland-looking turkey on Thanksgiving prompted ridicule.

“This turkey is so white and unseasoned that it tried to overthrow the government,” joked Brian Floyd.

Joshua Sauberman, a former congressional candidate, tweeted: “Not sure what’s worse: having Marjorie Nazi Greene at your #Thanksgiving table or having that pasty ass turkey she’s serving.”

In an earlier Twitter thread on Saturday, Greene expressed her opposition to an assault weapons ban, saying the AR-15 is “her favorite gun” for hunting and defending her home.

In an apparent reference to the person who allegedly opened fire in a Colorado nightclub on November 19, Greene said “banning ‘assault weapons’ will not stop a transgender from shooting up his own LGBTQ community or any other murderer already breaking laws to kill people.”

She said President Joe Biden “knows NOTHING about guns” and “wants to take your guns away and leave you defenseless at the mercy of criminals who don’t care about laws.”

Following a series of deadly mass shootings this month, Biden has renewed calls for a ban on high-powered guns with the capacity to kill many very quickly.

“The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick,” Biden said in Nantucket on Thanksgiving Day.

“I’m going to try to get rid of assault weapons.”

Newsweek has contacted Greene’s office and the White House for comment.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks to reporters as she leaves the U.S. Capitol on November 17, 2022 in Washington, DC.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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