Lies Of P: 20 Soulslike Tips, Tricks, Secrets, And More To Help Pinocchio Survive Krat

It’s easy to forget how useful consumables and throwables can be in a Soulslike – the fun is whacking enemies with your hammers, slashing them with swords, and more. But do not sleep on these items in Lies of P. On the consumables side, you will be forced to use them as you fight enemies that can quickly inflict Overheat, Shock, Corruption, and more, all effects you’ll want to get rid of ASAP. Some items do just that, and some items make it harder for enemies to inflict these statuses on you. Use them. 

And on the throwables side, you’ll pick up various items that inflict those same status effects on enemies. Your Legion Arm and Grindstone can do the same thing, but those require a little more time and effort, whereas tossing the equivalent of an electric grenade to inflict Electric Shock on an enemy is quick (and you can do it from far away, too).

Don’t hoard these items – you’ll get many and should use them.

Wesley LeBlanc

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