The new website has been launched to give updates on the work and life of Leonidas Ortega Amador.

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updated: Mar 9, 2017

​The website has just been launched which will give updates on the various work, charities, and lifestyle of Leonidas Ortega Amador. Leonidas Ortega Amador is a dynamic business leader, strategist and change agent. He has many years of experience in turning around business operations and improving profitability, especially in the Insurance Business. He has a solid understanding of the Hispanic market in South Florida. His entrepreneurial spirit and sales expertise make him a valued leader and board member. Leonidas Ortega Amador web team is responsible for this press release. 

Mr. Amador’s areas of expertise include Finance and Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Health Care, Insurance, Commercial Development, and the Automotive Industry. His skills include:

* Leadership

* Marketing and Sales

* Negotiations

* Strategic Planning

* Analytical Skills

* Statistics

* Relationship Building

* Public Speaking

Mr. Amador is currently the Vice President and Manager of the Inlingua Language School in Miami, one of the leading language schools in Florida. He was recruited by them to turn around their operations and has developed a strategic plan to increase their sales growth in other U.S. states.

To accomplish his mission, he:

* Coordinated the expansion of the business by obtaining capital from other investors;

* Developed corporate strategies, finance, sales and control;

* Led the Board of Directors and the strategic planning with the company owners;

* Identifies target markets;

* Controls customer retention and client service;

* Promotes sales growth and expansion of other branches; and

* Controls the legal and regulatory divisions of the company.

He has also worked for several other companies, providing his expert guidance and leadership to increase sales, maximize growth, and improve business and client relationships. He has the experience and knowledge in managing business relationships

from other countries and cultures. He is a member of the Board in Banking, Education and Real Estate Business.

Mr. Amador is highly educated with several undergraduate degrees, a Law degree and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In his leisure time, Mr. Amador enjoys competing in triathlons. He has competed in the Iron Man Competition Florianopolis Brazil in 2005, the New York Marathon and other triathlon events. He also enjoys rebuilding vintage cars.


For further information, please contact:

Leonidas Ortega Amador

Miami, Florida, 33135

[email protected]/

Source: Leonidas Ortega Amador Staff

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