hip-hop’s resident rockstar Tyla Yaweh releases “Sex Symbol,” a stylish new single laced with emphatic flexes and unrelenting cool. Listen HERE via London Entertainment/Epic Records. Taken from his upcoming album RAGER BØYthe song comes today with an official music video. Watch HERE

Skittering over thumping 808s and a ghostly vocal sample, Tyla uses the track to outline the details of his rockstar-worthy lifestyle. “This a custom issue, diamonds look like Skittles, I hang with the hitters,” he raps. Carefree, yet tethered to a murky soundscape, “Sex Symbol” emanates the chaotic energy of life in the fast lane. The music video, which was directed by Loris Russier [SiR, Ella Mai], encapsulates this mood throughout with eye-catching performance footage.

Sex Symbol” sets the stage for Tyla’s album, RAGER BØYThe project is an even denser dose of the electric blend of melody and visceral thrills that propelled Tyla to stardom. It’s as much an album title as it is a lifestyle: RAGE, according to Tyla, is an acronym for Release All Good Energy.

Pairing colorful, emotional melodies with punk sensibilities, Tyla Yaweh has become one of the most dynamic artists in the industry. Since emerging initially from Florida, the 27-year-old has continued to level up. To date, his singles, which include the Post Malone-assisted Billboard Hot 100 hit “Tommy Lee,” have been streamed over 1 billion times, across platforms. Meanwhile, tracks like “All the Smoke” (featuring Gunna and Wiz Khalifa), “High Right Now,” and the DaBaby-assisted “Stuntin on You” have also accumulated hundreds of millions of streams. “Tommy Lee” was recently certified platinum, with “Stuntin On You” and “High Right Now” having previously been certified gold. “Sex Symbol” follows previous singles such as “Do No Wrong” featuring Trippie Redd and PNB Rock, plus “Hands Up” featuring Morray.

Known for his rapturous and high-octane live presence, Tyla has revved up 2022 with a slew of festival appearances, including Rolling Loud Miami, Lyrical Lemonade, Hangout, Outside Lands, and more. He just wrapped two weekends at the legendary Austin City Limits festival where his rousing live show received acclaim from fans and the media alike, with Slant Magazine exclaiming that he is “one of the best emerging live performers in the genre.” Tyla has previously toured in 2021 with SAINt JHN across North America and toured extensively around the globe with Post Malone and Swae Lee in 2019-2022.

RIELL is an internationally touring and Top 40 charting Dance Pop artist, songwriter, vocal producer, and topliner from Canada. She shares her obsession with hardship, self-exploration, and the darker side of the mind through haunting vocals, catchy hooks, and insightful lyrics, creating an innovative mix of artists like Halsey, The Chainsmokers, and Rihanna. RIELL developed her first two EP’s, PARADISE and Winter, over a period of two years while touring and writing around the world, coming to fruition in places like England, Costa Rica, India, Dubai, and Canada. RIELL is set to release her debut album, HYMNS FOR THE BITTER, detailing a villain’s origin story. The first single, “End It”, was released June 2022 accompanied with a Volumetric Studio Capture music video showcasing the cutting edge technology of tech company Tetavi. The album is set to release throughout 2023 with a 10 minute video game experience to accompany it.

Singer/songwriter Stela Cole has released her triumphant new single “Bye Bye Blues,” out today via Ultra Records. A punchy pop beat, synthesized hand-claps, and shimmering harmonies wrap around a slick bass line as Stela redefines what a breakup anthem sounds like as she encourages listeners to dance their tears away. On “Bye Bye Blues,” the pop starlet emphasizes how it’s okay to be sad when a relationship ends as long as you embrace the lessons you’ve learned and look for the brighter days ahead.


“‘Bye Bye Blues’ is about heartbreak, but with a fun twist,” explains Stela. “I was dating this guy for a few months when he invited me to a party just to hook up with another girl in front of my face. I was devastated, but also knew I was going to thrive without him. Good riddance. Even though it took a handful of wine-drunk nights at home and facetiming all my girlfriends for reassurance, I eventually got over him and came out the other side, stronger than before.”

Stela continues, “I’ve written my fair share of breakup anthems with dark, edgy energy, but this time I wanted a song I could cry to while also dancing my ass off. I wrote ‘Bye Bye Blues’ to be an uplifting moment for others too. It’s okay to feel hurt when someone screws you over, but at the end of the day don’t forget your worth. There’s always room to have a good time and celebrate, even over something fucked up. Turn lemons into lemonade. Find the silver lining.”

Eufórquestra (pronounced yoo-FOHR-keh-struh, think euphoria+orchestra) is energy and rhythm personified. An ever-evolving sound that has been influenced by music from all over the world with an emphasis on funk, pocket and groove.

Today marks the culmination of over two years of writing and recording for Eufórquestra, and they came out with a bang on their newest collection of songs, While We Still Got Time, out today.  Fans of the band will notice a  fresh and powerful sound that is based on Euforquestra’s signature “modern funk with vintage soul,” but also infuses current topics in a way that has not been realized before with strong, compelling pieces. 

In early 2020 the band journeyed to The Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they fully created new friendships and new vision that Eufórquestra brought back home and forged into the album While We Still Got Time, as shown on Congolese pop star Papa Wemba cover “Show Me The Way.” Make no mistake, Eufórquestra’s honest sound and cultural influence is on display once again for their latest and greatest contribution to their venerable catalog that made its way from Iowa to Colorado more than a decade ago and has continued to grow across the world for nearly two decades.


November 3 @ Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom | Denver, CO

November 4 @ Washington’s FoCo | Fort Collins, CO

November 5 @ Schmiggity’s | Steamboat Springs, CO 

Nigerian afrobeats prince Oxlade releases the official studio version of his massive global hit “Ku Lo Sa,” along with the track’s music video. Get the song HERE and watch the music video HERE.

Oxlade first introduced “Ku Lo Sa” through A COLORS SHOW this summer- – watch it HERE. With over 33M views, the session became the most viewed video on the COLORSxSTUDIO channel over the past three years, and one of the top ten most viewed of all time.

Ku Lo Sa” has rapidly became a viral phenomenon on TikTok with 2.5M+ creations to date. Accumulating 116M+ streams, the track has truly pentatrated the culture, transforming Oxlade into an afropop global sensation. So far,  Ku Lo Sa”  has peaked a #5 in the Global Shazam Charts, #30 in the Global Apple Music Chart and #91 in the Global Spotify Charts. It has also charted in 21 different markets on Spotify and 48 markets on Apple Music. In addition, “Ku Lo Sa” has peaked thus far at #5 on Billboard’s US Afrobeats chart, and several single charts across the UK, France, Sweden and Canada,  where the record is now certified Gold.

Oxlade has built a solid profile thanks to a pop, colorful yet edgy image, a fiercely addictive afropop sound and a sexy, nonchalant attitude. With a strong following on social medias, Oxlade is becoming a prominent figure globally.  

Says Oxlade, “anyone who listens can connect to my lyrics, and in turn, it connects me with anyone who is listening. My music is for people who take what I’m saying personally because it truly is representative of day-to-day life.”

Indie pop duo FRENSHIP are thrilled to release their new single “Songs For the Weekend” that is out now.
FRENSHIP says, “Songs for The Weekend came about last winter at Brett’s lake house in Idaho. He was backing up his car and it has this great backup tone/sound, kind of like a high pitched hum. I became a little obsessed with it so we recorded it on my phone and threw it into the session and the song was born. You can hear this sound at the beginning of the song and throughout the choruses.
Unlike a lot of our songs, this one was written by just the two of us in Brett’s cabin overlooking the lake at sunset. It came from a moment of pure enjoyment—we just had fun with it and didn’t overthink much. The main line, “we just write songs for the weekend” actually started out as us joking about writing songs for the artist, The Weeknd. It developed from there into a song about how we don’t matter, in a good way. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and can forget we just make music. This song is an ode to how beautifully non-essential we are. It matters what we do, but it doesn’t, really. And that’s freeing and kind of amazing to us.”

dwi is a project born out of isolation. 

While usually playing bass for The Zolas, when the 2020 global pandemic saw the world stop, dwi took the time to create something new, exciting, and deeply personal. The songs are reflective in nature, and touch on a range of topics, including childhood, environmentalism, addiction, and the political landscape of the world. An admiration to musical heroes such as The Beatles, Damon Albarn, and The Cure is clear, along with some unusual and unique aspects that are perhaps harder to place. 

 With producer James Younger (Yukon Blonde), dwi is set to release their first EP, Mild Fantasy Violence, in September 2022 under Light Organ Records.

Rustling up a signature style unlike anything in the game, country trap king Jamie Ray serves up his anxiously awaited debut EP, Country Trap [Against Da Grain/Human Resources/Epic Records]. Listen to Country TrapHERE.

The nine-track collection highlights his hypnotic hybrid of country and hip-hop threaded together with the pluck of bluesy guitar and the thump of slick 808s. Among many highlights, “Camo Bando” pairs his unrestrained flow with a skittering beat as he namedrops Rambo in between a yeehaw or two. He warns, “Don’t think about taking off with my money. I got it!” Breezy acoustic guitar gives way to trap production on “Buckshot” punctuated by banjo. Then, there’s “Do Si Do” [feat. D Star Dusty Leigh]. He cooks up a honky-tonk banger with no shortage of twerking or twang. The introspective “Country To The City” chronicles his journey, while “Guitar Strings” hinges on six-string fireworks straight out of the Mississippi Delta as he urges, “So let me know if you want to go, over fretboard-burning wailing. Meanwhile, Country Trap also boasts his breakout “MAGIC CITY COWBOY” and “COWBOY GANGSTA.

Bay Area bred, LA-based virtuoso Lost Boy delivers his best yet with nostalgic new self-produced single “Ready2Go”. With over 33 million streams under his belt as an artist and a quarter billion streams as a writer and producer, he ushers in a bold new era with this unapologetic new retro rocksingle. 

Having already carved out a successful lane for himself as a writer, producer, and topliner – he now takes center stage, taking the creative reins of his career back and leaning away from the generally electronic sounds of his past.

Lost Boy (aka Dillon Deskin) is a multi-talented artist, songwriter, and producer hailing from the Bay Area, now based in Los Angeles. With a whopping 33 million streams already under his belt, he seeks to mark a new chapter in his career with forthcoming single “Ready2Go”.

The multi-hyphenate artist first debuted in 2017 with single “Poison,” going on to achieve viral chart success on Spotify and YouTube, ultimately landing him a deal with Ultra Records. He has since churned out hit records including “Words Of Love (Numa Numa), “Head Under Water,” “Pop Off,” “Mona Lisa” (ft. Will Sparks), “Paradise,” and “Insecure” (ft. gnash).While his most successful songs to date have been overwhelmingly electronic, he now longs to explore new sounds he’s felt stifled to release. 

Having grown immensely into a new sonic identity, Lost Boy now hopes his fans will evolve with him. His forthcoming records embody an eclectic and timeless spirit, fueled by retro-funk basslines and the bravado of a rock-band frontman. At the cusp of 30, he’s now coming of age into his highest confidence and taking the reins back of his career. 

Lost Boy first achieved mainstream success in 2016 after producing and co-writing Flo Rida’s “Cake” featuring 99 Percent. The track charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 and Top 40 charts and was certified RIAA Gold in 2017. He has since written with and produced for a slew of incredible artists like Pia MiaJohnny OrlandoJake MillerKSI, Eddie BenjaminMarteendwillyThe Mowgli’sThe WrecksGladesWill SparksGolden Vessel, EZILilyisthatyouTVXQ!Myles Parrish, and many more. Collectively, his writing and production work has garnered over a quarter billion streams to date and has been featured in campaigns for Steven MaddenAperol, and The Honest Company and on shows like Basketball Wives and Black-ish.

Pink from head to toe Plasmic storms the stage, shooting terse keytar melodies whilst furiously smashing beats. Crooning, pleading and screaming songs against depression and abuse. Sealing it all in a hazy, lo-fi blur that every so often gives glimpses of a gentler side underneath the mayhem. Producing songs since the age of 15, Plasmic believes those who present femme shouldn’t need 20 songwriters just to be heard. Her new single “Ghosted you” is an unrequited queer love song highlighting the sides of being ghosted and ghosting someone. This synth pop track takes inspiration from Kate Bush and Phil Collins while still maintaining a modern pop vibe. 

Brooklyn’s DEAD LEAF ECHO are pleased to present a brand new single: “Boo”.

With its baggy percussion, skyscraping sonics and soulful vocal callouts, “Boo” wouldn’t have sounded amiss on the dancefloors of the Boardwalk or the Hacienda in their prime.

An intentional indie-dance anthem of the classic kind, the new single was written in part as a tribute to the late Denise Johnson (Primal Scream / New Order), the Mancunion powerhouse vocalist who brought so much warmth and character to some of the Madchester movement’s most memorable moments.

But while Johnson’s spirit can undoubtedly be felt in its infectious choral hooks, on a deeper subconscious level, it’s also a song that finds DLE frontman L.G. Galleon haunted by paranoid thoughts of subterfuge, spooks and unwelcome surprises. As he explains: 

“Boo was written five years ago when I was pressed by my girlfriend at the time to write a joke “Manchester” song with a hook. It quickly morphed into a partial ode to Denise Johnson who passed away during the pandemic and also into a creepy Halloween song about surveillance, discovery and scaring your “Boo” with the truth about all your hidden secrets.”

“Boo” will be the title-track of a brand new EP from the Brooklyn collective confirmed for release on the PaperCup Music label (Drug Couple, UV-TV) early next year. A five track release, it will be released both digitally and on vinyl by Moon Sounds Records and will feature new artwork from V23’s Timothy O’Donnell (The Birthday Party, Pale Saints), Roy Burns III (Stiff Little Fingers, Sun Kil Moon), and Gary Prendergast (cutshapemake).

Around the release the band will be taking the new Dead Leaf Echo music out on the road in the states this Autumn. Catch them at these venues as follows: 


10.19 Philadelphia PA Ortleibs 

10.20 Troy NY No Fun 

10.21 NYC Footlight presents at Windjammer Bar

10.22 Boston MA The Loft Somerville 

10.23 New London CT TBA

12.14 Olympia WA Cryptatropa 

12.15 Portland OR The Fixin To’s 

12.16 Seattle WA Sunset Tavern 

12.17 Vancouver, BC Bullet Farm

Reaching for hope and determination in the face of adversity – DEUX FURIEUSES – return with “Our Day Will Come”, the final track  to be taken from their new album ‘Songs From Planet Earth’. 

The duo are also gearing up for a support tour with Skinny Lister this Autumn, as well as a headline album release show at London’s Lexington on 18 November.


Arriving at a time where political resistance and insurgence against inequality has never felt so urgent, “Our Day Will Come” blends rousing punk rhythms with a glimmering sense of hope for the future.

With blistering electric guitar lines, impending drums that clang like a rallying call for the masses, and impassioned vocals that tell the tale of a world in tatters, Deux Furieuses  explain:

“”Our Day Will Come” was written during the COVID-19 pandemic at a time when we couldn’t sing out loud for fear of aerosol transmission. ‘Sing it out without any fear’ was hope for the future”

As punishing guitars bring the track to its anarchic and inspiring conclusion, Deux Furieuses drive home their knack for crafting rhythmic melodies that are unafraid to cause a mutiny amongst impassive ranks. Chiming with the politics of the song, the official video also salutes the efforts of those Iranian women currently putting their lives on the line for a better future. As the duo add:

“As Brexit Britain mourns its own past, the Conservatives release protected land to be savaged for property development, as women in Iran take a dangerous stand for their rights against morality police and as the music business continues to offer self-perpetuating opportunities to the boys with guitars, it sometimes feels like our causes will outlive us. “Our Day Will Come” says: take our rebel song, take our spirit and fight the good fight when we are no longer here… In the video, we brandish head scarves in solidarity with the inspiring young Iranian women so courageously protesting for change despite the risk to their lives.

Following insurrectionary earlier tracks “All We Need Is Sanctuary”, “Know The Score” and “Bring Down The Government”, “Our Day Will Come” is the final instalment in a series of strident samplers taken from Deux Furieuses third full-length LP, ‘Songs From Planet Earth’. Landing on 11 November, the album is the band’s second with Xtra Mile Recordings and was written over the course of the last two turbulent years.

Touching on the maelstrom of socio-political issues that continue to dominate the UK, from widespread inequality and the ongoing outcomes of the pandemic to environmental issues and gender politics, the album takes unflinching aim at a government completely incompetent to deal with them.

Recorded in October 2021 as part of a two-week residential album session at Grange Farm Studio, the album was self-produced by the band for the first time. Assistant production was added by Isi Clarke who also recorded the album with mix/post production by Mark Freegard (The Breeders). A special guest appearance comes from Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine), who plays bass on previous single “Bring Down The Government”, a track whose June 2022 release was met with the immediate resignation of Boris Johnson.  

Texan nightmare pop exponents Pale Dīan today share the new album Feral Birth, out on all streaming platforms via Green Witch Recordings. The first hint of Feral Birth was unveiled with the immersive single “Emily” in 2021, which was followed with the release of the single/video “MeLt” in August of this year. The insistent dubby post-punk of “MeLt” dialed up a sense of urgency as it reintroduced listeners to Pale Dīan’s world of rippling hi-hats, crashing guitars and Ruth Ellen Smith’s reverb-soaked vocals.

Feral Birth is a collection of ten songs that restlessly pursue the darker reaches of melody;
swinging from ice cold synth pop, to devastatingly stark ballads, to shoegaze-infused soundscapes and beyond. This smudgy and esoteric sound is a style that the group call nightmare pop with its pulsing rhythms and swirling sounds playing on deep emotional experience and dream-state subconsciousness.

Today’s album release is highlighted by a tripped-out animated visual for the song “Misanthrope” by fellow Austin native Wiley Wiggins. Animation is just another creative avenue for the multifaceted Wiggins who also works in game development and starred as Mitch Kramer in the classic coming-of-age movie Dazed & Confused. Wiggins describes the video concept as “a person who has been up all night on powerful hallucinogens realizes that they have to drive to work, and the unendurable thought of highway traffic in the August sun causes a crude skull-like top to launch from inside of their face and destroy America in an attempt to stop time”.

Vibi is the alias of Canadian born pop singer Valerie Borghesi. The Niagara Falls native created her moniker from sounding out her initials (V.B.) and spelling it into her pop nickname. Championed by her hometown, Vibi took home the “Best Female Vocalist” and “Adult Contemporary Artist” at the 2020 Niagara Music Awards. 

Internationally, Vibi’s songwriting skills have proven to be show stopping as she took home the John Lennon Songwriting Competition grand prize in the pop genre. (2021)

Vibi is most recognized for her performance opening for Bryan Adams and Walk Off the Earth at the 2019 televised New Year’s Eve concert in Niagara Falls Canada with an audience of approximately 60,000 people. Additionally, she has opened for successful acts Ria Mae, Virginia to Vegas and Hollerado.

In June of 2022 VIBI graduated from LAAMP, a year long songwriting and production program in Los Angeles founded by multi Grammy award winning producer duo “Stargate.” Vibi continues to be closely mentored under Stargate, and has worked in studio with industry legends such as Emily Warren, Cirkut, Neyo, Justin Tranter, and Jenna Andrews, and John Cunningham to name a few. Vibi currently resides in Los Angeles equipped with an extensive catalog of unreleased songs to watch out for.

Buzzing bedroom-soul singer/songwriter Noah Guy releases the official video for his new single “SMALL TALK CAROLINA” featuring the GRAMMY Award-winning collective The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel Choir.


A collaborative effort, the smooth and soulful track brings together the talents of a multitude of award-winning musicians, artists and instrumentalists. Beautifully backing Noah’s raw, dreamy vocals is The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel who received a GRAMMY Award for their contributions on Jon Batiste’s “Freedom.” Beyond that, Noah also tapped in with GRAMMY, Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated multi-instrumentalist Solomon Fox, Emmy award-winning jazz artist Braxton Cook and Tampa-born R&B recording artist Amaria who all collaborated on the song.

“SMALL TALK CAROLINA” will be featured on the LA-based singer’s upcoming EP WHO’S TAKEN TIME?! (ACT I)arriving on November 11th. Also on the project, will be previous singles 5 MO’ MINUTES and 2 DOGS 1 LEASH,” a dreamy tune thatquickly surpassed the 1.7 million stream mark and gained acclaim from the likes of Billboard, 1883 Magazine and more. Fans can pre-save it HERE.

Kihyun, of Monsta X, is taking off with his 2nd solo journey with the release of, KIHYUN 1st Mini Album YOUTH. Dropping 6 months after his solo debut of VOYAGER, and 7 years after his debut in Monsta XYOUTH is filled with songs stemming from personal stories and the things Kihyun wants to tell his own self. Kihyun expands “YOUTH is about my current perspective on my youth and my determination as a solo artist. The lyrics include the things I want to tell myself, both in the past and present. Even though this album is my personal story after 7 years as an artist, I think many people can relate to my emotions because everyone reflects on their youth at some point in time.” Youth is a transient world that everyone visits but cannot return to, making it a world that we all wish to visit again someday. In this album, Kihyun acts as an observer and storyteller as he asks, answers and discovers himself.

Selfish Bodies, a female lead alternative pop rock trio based in Edmonton AB, combines their love for writing with genre-blending, cinematic soundscapes and thoughtful lyrics. The group formed in February 2018 and released their single “Waitress” in April 2020.

They believe music is a universal language. What does the band want to say? Whatever their listeners need to hear. Selfish Bodies’ goal is to connect with their listeners through the creation of relatable and heartfelt content.

They released their first EP in 2019 and played their first show to a sold-out crowd in Edmonton, April 18th, 2018. Their latest single, “Bambi Legs,” will be released on October 21st, 2022. The band’s theme is diversity as their songs range from pop to rock to melancholy.

Astralux in Los Angeles

In a sea of solo artists and musical projects, ASTRALUX is something of an anomaly – an old-school, Los Angeles Rock band.

Introduced to each other by a mutual ex-girlfriend, guitarist/vocalist Will Schlich and drummer Michael Lieberman began playing together in the summer of 2021. Through a serendipitous encounter, bassist Camille Fadl joined one of their “jam sessions” shortly after, and the three musicians instantly recognized the unique chemistry between them.  Sparked by collective creativity, they quickly graduated from playing simple covers to writing original music, which led to the formation of ASTRALUX. In early 2022, virtuoso guitarist Tai Ayres joined the group, completing the current line-up.

Drawing equally from old and new, the ASTRALUX sound is daringly distinctive, yet timeless. Inspired by The Strokes, The Beatles, Nirvana, and countless artists in between– every ASTRALUX song reveals a bold synthesis of styles that’s simply indefinable.

In only a year, ASTRALUX has established themselves as a fixture in the LA live scene – playing venues such as the Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room, Harvard and Stone, and The Mint, amongst many others. The band’s debut album, Desert Dream, is scheduled for release in the fall of 2022.

the drag presenting and boundary pushing pop artist Tripping Jupiter is proud to share the music video for “Torn America”, a track from their upcoming album Lipstick of the Brave. Like previous single “We are Starlight”, this new track also features bass playing by frequent Bowie collaborator and legendary session musician Gail Ann Dorsey, who appears on 5 tracks on the forthcoming Tripping Jupiter album, Lipstick of the Brave, which will be released in full on November 4th, 2022. In addition to Madstone Rowan (he/they/them), the singer and multi-instrumentalist behind Tripping Jupiter, and Gail Ann Dorsey, the upcoming Tripping Jupiter album Lipstick of the Brave features the work of  billboard charting producer and mentor to Tripping Jupiter Barb Morrison (they/them), a platinum record holder who has worked with the likes of Blondie, Rufus Wainwright, Franz Ferdinand, LP. and many more.

“Torn America” is a message song, with a lyric music video that edits together footage from the past 2 years of protests across the country, attempting to channel the rage and frustration of that moment of upheaval into an uplifting celebration of love and solidarity across different political movements, from Black Lives Matter, to LGBTQ rights, to the growing climate crisis. You can watch the music video for “Torn America” below:

Micah Willis has been playing music for as long as he can remember. But, this should come as no surprise. Micah possesses talent that can only spawn from years of dedicated practice. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Micah began by playing harmonic with his dad, Kenny Neal, a professional blues musician. At eight years old, he became part of a children’s choir, which allowed him to experience performing in front of an audience. Shortly thereafter, Micah joined an after-school music program, for which he performed at venues across the country, including Carnegie Hall. Now splitting his time between Salt Lake City and L.A., Micah has grown into a highly respected singer, songwriter, musician and actor. He has worked and played with the likes of Neon Trees, James Valentine (Maroon 5), Steve Smith (Journey), and Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band). It also bears mentioning that Micah won four Downbeat Magazine awards all before graduating high school. He’s also appeared on the hit Disney TV show, Andi Mack. Influenced by everyone from Miguel and The Weeknd to Fleetwood Mac, Micah seamlessly blends elements of pop, funk, and hip-hop into his high-energy.

New York-based singer and songwriter Xondra shares “Inner Child,” the latest single from her upcoming EP, ‘Tedious & Brief.’

“Inner Child” opens with Xondra’s stirring vocals and sparse instrumentation before surging into a lively rock-inspired chorus. Following on the heels of her powerful feminist anthem “Dead Girl,” which was released last month, “Inner Child” delivers another important message about finding the root of one’s pain and lovingly embracing it. 

“‘Inner Child’ is about how someone can have the same experience as you and come out with a completely different perspective. In this case in particular, it’s about siblings who cope differently after growing up in a toxic home environment,” Xondra writes. “I have always been very reluctant to write about this kind of thing because it is so personal. ‘Inner Child’’is me validating what I went through, even if it’s too difficult for the other people involved to do the same. We all heal at our own pace and in our own way. This is me giving myself permission to be honest about my experience and how it impacted me. I am still moving through it and granting myself grace as I continue to heal because healing is never linear.”

CAN’T SWIM have released the confronting and melancholic new single I Heard They Found You Face Down Inside Your Living Room”.

“I heard they found you face down inside your living room” is a song about the time I received a phone call that one of my friends had committed suicide.” says singer Chris LoPorto.  “The lyrics describe not being able to fathom living without them. the confusion, regret and resentment have sat heavy in my heart for a long time but writing this song has given me some sort of solace and relief. Obviously, a very dark song but I hope it can provide some sort of comfort to others who have gone through this similar circumstance.”

Jack Hawitt is an LGBTQ+ Artist and Songwriter who explores meaningful relationships and topics in his music and songwriting. Originally from Cumbria, Jack Hawitt now lives in London but still feels connected to his Northern roots. Jack writes his songs from personal experiences or from stories of friends and the people around him. His work ethic shows through his work and he is always proactively thinking of ways he can elevate his Art.

With a long list of A-list songwriting collaborations including Ava Max, Megan Thee Stallion, Jonas Blue, R3hab, Pharrell Williams, Jess Bays & Kelli-Leigh, Jack Hawitt is making a name for himself as one to watch in the music industry and was recently given a Songwriter page and ‘Written by Jack Hawitt’ playlist on Spotify.

His debut EP ‘The Sound of Us’ has over 1 million streams and his songs collectively have an impressive 20 million streams on Spotify. His songs have been heard on TV & Films including Love Island (UK/USA), Netflix’s Top 10 film ‘Feel The Beat’ and he soundtracked the Global launch campaign for Sony’s Playstation 5.

The Summer of 2022 saw Jack play the Main Stage at London’s Pride in Trafalgar Square and headline the BBC Introducing Stage at Coast Roads Festival.

Jack Hawitt also wrote the song “Lose My Head” (November 3rd) used by the UK for their entry to the Junior Eurovision 2022. It is the first time that the UK takes part in the Junior version of the Eurovision.

His new song ‘Love or A Lie’ was written with Camden Cox and Joe Warriner and is about accepting that life or a relationship is not always plain sailing but living in the moment and enjoying right now is important regardless of what’s going on.

I wanted it to have a hopeful message and feel euphoric.” – Jack Hawitt

Have you ever wanted to be with someone you knew was no good for you?

“Desiring You” was written while I was staying alone in a cabin in northern Ontario for 2 weeks. It was my first time taking a completely solo trip. Having no one for company but my dog and my instruments, I recorded the demo, staying up late into the night writing and re-writing the lyrics and harmonies, and playing the bridge riff over and over again until it felt like a second skin. I always know when a song is going to become bigger than me when I feel it in my body.

The song was inspired by a toxic relationship and the addictive and sometimes destructive nature of desiring what is not good for me. I was trying to put music to the feeling of being completely un-seen by the person I most desired being with. The song explores the tension, the anger and my ultimate refusal to be strung along.

The press photo we chose for the single art shows each of us looking off in different directions with different expressions: curiosity, wistfulness and suspicion. The three glances represent the kind of depth of emotion I was trying to express on the track – that desire is not one thing, but a complex and varied mixture of feelings and actions.

We can’t wait for you to hear us play it live.

Thanks for listening,

Lee Rose, Ace of Wands

Email: [email protected]

Socials: @neillfrazer

Neill Frazer

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