THE Ukrainian refugee who was dumped by her British love rat has arrived back in her war-torn country.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, announced she was returning to her motherland after callous Tony Garnett rejected her last bid pleas to get back together.


Sofiia pictured on the start of her journey about to take a flight to Poland
Sofiia is now back home in Ukraine, where she is staying with her grandmother


Sofiia is now back home in Ukraine, where she is staying with her grandmotherCredit: Enterprise

The pair made the headlines when Bradford-based Tony, 29, was so smitten with Sofia he walked out on the mum of his two kids, Lorna Garnett, for her after the couple took her in.

Now, Sofiia is back home in Kolomyia, south of Lviv, where she was was welcomed by her elderly grandmother after a 24-hour trip.

The young woman, who holds a BSC degree in computer science, told the DailyMail she was feeling as comfortable as she could knowing Russian forces were still in her country, but said she felt better when she arrived in Ukraine, where she can speak her own language again.

“I was scared when I arrived in Lviv because an alarm went off at the train station. And people thought there may be some sort of attack by the Russians.

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“I can feel that my country is in depression because of the war and everything that is going on globally.

“When I was on the bus I saw the funeral of a soldier. I began to cry again when I saw that. It really brought it back to me of what is going on here. Ukrainians are being murdered and our soldiers are being as brave as any.”

Sofiia, who is staying in her hometown with her grandmother for a week, is planning to travel to the capital Kyiv to meet her mum and sister.

While her grandmother fears Sofiia’s trip to Kyiv could be dangerous as she believes government buildings could be attacked by Russia, the young woman is determined to see her family.

Sofiia, who decided to leave the UK after her tearful break up with Tony, told the DailyMail said “My country needs peace and so do I”.

As she was about to start her journey back home, the 22-year-old on Monday told The Sun: “I am going back to Ukraine because of the situation with me and Tony here in England.

“I need some support from my family and because I have not seen them for six months. I need to go for myself and to look after myself.”

Five months ago, Tony and then-partner Lorna, 28, welcomed the Ukrainian into their family home.

But tensions between Toney and with his partner of ten years arose almost straightaway.

Tony moved his daughter, six, from her room into a bunk bed with her three-year-old sister to make space, despite Lorna’s objections.

And Lorna then watched in horror as he began flirting with Sofiia.

He can speak Slovakian, which is similar to Ukrainian, so he and Sofiia would chat in a language which Lorna could not understand.

They would stay up late together to watch TV after Lorna had gone to bed, went to the gym together and Sofiia began cooking meals for him.

Within days their flirting intensified and after ten days Lorna cracked and asked Sofiia to leave.

She was stunned when Tony said: “If she’s going, I’m going.”

They moved out and stayed with his parents for a while before getting a place of their own.

But four months later Tony also dumped Sofiia leaving her penniless and living in emergency accommodation.

It came after a row between them allegedly saw her “ram a knife into the wall in the kitchen several times while she was drunk”.

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Sofiia has been arrested twice and was warned by cops to not contact Tony.

Tony accepted to drive Sofiia to the airport on Monday, and the pair said they will remain friends.

Tony publicly announced her was separating from the mother of his children to start.  a relationship with Sofiia


Tony publicly announced her was separating from the mother of his children to start. a relationship with SofiiaCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

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