Growing cannabis can be satisfying and rewarding when done right. However, as a beginner, picking the right strain can feel incredibly daunting. So, here are tips for choosing the best cannabis strain to grow indoors.

Can You Combine Different Strains?

Growing cannabis opens unique opportunities to combine strains, producing intriguing flavors and effects. However, combining cannabis strains leads to varying pros and cons. Some benefits include creating a unique flavor and plant diversity during harvest. Mixing can also provide buds at different times.

As a beginner cultivator, you should grow cannabis strain combinations that share similar heights, growing cycles, and flowering periods. This can prevent plants from growing too tall, overshadowing each other, and having different harvesting times. Over time, you’ll become comfortable mixing vastly different strains in the same space.

Height and Space

Choosing the right cannabis strain to grow indoors depends on the available space and the plant’s height. Indoor growers don’t always have the best area to cultivate cannabis, as they often rely on small grow tents. Sometimes, beginners luck out with using a spare room dedicated to their growing stations.

The two major cannabis subspecies are indica and sativa—each with specific needs to grow healthy and strong. If you need a cannabis strain that’s easy to tame and maintain, choose an indica-dominant variety for its relatively short height and small chance of growing out of control. If you have more room to play with, a sativa-dominant strain can work in your favor.

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Cannabis Strains for Beginners

Are you unsure which strain to grow at your indoor growing station? Luckily, you can find easy cannabis strains to grow as a beginner. Wedding Cake is a unique cannabis strain that crosses various cannabis species, including Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush Cake, and Cake Batter, to create dense buds and high yields. Super Lemon haze combines Lemon Skunk and Super Silver haze to create bright citrus tones that are low maintenance and get incredibly bushy and tall.

Blue Dream is a 40 percent indica, 60 percent sativa hybrid that grows quickly with forgivable room for error. It’s a cross between Blueberry and Haze strains, making it a hardy plant with potent results. Lastly, Northern Lights is an Afghani landrace cannabis strain of pure Indica that produces high yields, perfect for soil-based or hydroponic growing environments.

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