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Hooters restaurant considers changing name to be more explicit

ROTTEN PEACHES, Georgia – (Satire News) – After conducting extensive research, the Georgia-based Hooters Restaurant chain will most likely change it’s name later this year.

The franchise was founded 40 years ago by the Blasinowitz sisters, Cora, Nora, and Dora, as a place where guys and even chicks could go to partake of buffalo wings, pizza, enchiladas, vichyssoise, burgers, and double-weinered hot dogs, as they ogled the skimpy halter top, tight orange colored short shorts-wearing sensuously erotic babes.

Cora and Nora were definitely 10s, while Dora was a 9½, due to a tiny mole located just below her left nipple.

The restaurant chain has 427 outlets in 48 states. Alabama and Alaska have no Hooters, but Alabama does have 7 Knockers restaurants, which are kind of like Hooters except the girls wear blue denim Daisy Duke short shorts.

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SIDENOTE: The name that the Hooters board of directors has chosen to replace the name Hooters is Tits.

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