CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Vaquez family lived a nightmare on Monday, Nov.14, when their bird flew away.

They have owned ‘Bird’ for two years and now have a total of six birds: Bird, Snow, Tweety, Dipsy, Birdee, and Shady.

Usually, Vasquez takes him on a joy ride to drop off her two girls at school every morning but this day the weather wasn’t to Bird’s liking.

“Our bird got out, we took him on a little ride like we usually do, he’ll drop off the kids to school and it was a rainy day— drizzling day and he got scared and flew away,” said Roxanne Vasquez, Bird’s Owner.

The heartbroken family didn’t know if their bird would ever return home.

Vasquez said they looked everywhere for him.

“We were looking in the trees, we looked in the pole lines, on the fence, trying to see if he was in someone’s patio, it was hard,” she said.

“We were so sad, he’s the first bird that I’ve ever had and that’s a connection I don’t have with any other bird,” said 12-year-old, Khloe Vaquez.

Looking for Bird was not like looking for a dog or a cat, it was a challenge for the family because they did not know where to look.

So Vaquez said she took it to Facebook to post on a Lost and Found pet group that Bird was missing— and to her surprise, her post got a lot of comments saying the bird had landed on someone’s head.

“It was so scary after we found out that someone had found him, we didn’t know if they were going to return him, because right away after, whenever they did find him, they fell in love with him,” she said.

Roxanne said she immediately reached out to the person that had posted her bird. She said she had to prove that Bird was hers.

Thankfully Roxanne and her family had many pictures and videos of Bird and they had the letters and numbers that were on Bird’s silver band.

When the Vasquez family reunited with Bird they felt overwhelmed with happiness.

“I am very thankful for him, for him returning my bird and for sharing him on the page,” Roxanne said.

She adds that a friendship was definitely made out of her reuniting with Bird.

Brandon Sellers a surgeon at Christus Spohn was the lucky one who found Bird.

Sellers posted on Facebook that Bird had landed on his head. He added pictures and even a video of little Bird showing off his dance moves.

Roxanne said she tried to reward him but he refused to accept it because he knew what it was like to lose a pet.

She said to those people out there with lost pets to not give up on finding them.

Roxanne said she is very thankful to Sellers for keeping her bird warm and for returning him.

The Vaquez family is very happy that Bird is home and that he is now grounded for flying away.

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