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Guide to Secondhand Shopping in Japan

Running out of funds for life necessities like clothing and shōjo manga? Or are you just looking to save the earth some trouble and toxic fumes? Either way, shopping secondhand instead of buying things new could be the answer. And there’s no better place for it than Japan, the land of generally well-kept possessions and 100-yen used manga.

If you live in Japan, the world is your (grass-fed, ethically farmed) oyster! In the following guides, we’ll give you recommendations on where to shop, tell you how to find and buy the secondhand items you’re looking for, and teach you all the Japanese vocabulary you’ll need to know. After reading, you’ll be ready to march into the nearest Second Street with your yen held high.

So what are you waiting for? Be a good person and buy some used 物s! Items may come and go, but your feeling of moral superiority will last a lifetime.

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