If you are obsessed with technology and love finding out what is coming around the corner to change our world, be sure to check out EntrepreneurTV‘s live Q&A with the creators of the award-winning docu-seriesTechTalk. Each episode of TechTalk takes viewers on an informative and inspiring journey of discovery, highlighting emerging startups and the innovators leading them — from flying cars to surgery-performing robots. TechTalk host Jonny Caplan and his producing partner Ronald Hans will be taking your questions live about what it takes for a tech startup to succeed, what innovations they see coming down the road, how to create your own future-forward content, and much more!

Where can I watch?

Watch and stream: YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter

You can watch on your phone, tablet or computer.

What time does it start?

Time: Wednesday, 2/15 at 1:30p ET

Why should I watch?

The award-winning producers and host of EntrepreneurTV’s show TechTalk have interviewed hundreds of tech founders, and have co-founded multiple businesses themselves. They’ve seen success (and struggle) firsthand and can offer incredible insights into what tech entrepreneurs can expect on their journeys.

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