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Attachment injuries

It is important in this work to help couples to recognize emotional wounds or deep “attachment injuries.” These are times when one or both of you really needed the other, and felt let down by the other.

These may have happened at some point in your relationship, maybe years ago, but never got resolved. The goal of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is to help you to work through these attachment injuries. 

Many of our clinicians have studied her work both formally and informally. Formal training involves the following steps:

(1) Externship (four-day training)

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(2) Core Skills (eight-day training)

(3) Supervision, including videotaped review of actual couples therapy sessions

(4) Passing formal certification, including acceptable demonstration of clinical competence.

If you would like to work with a clinician who’s major focus is emotionally focused couples therapy, or is certified in this approach, you can find one by reading our Team page or contacting us.

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