Dear Beloved Souls,


Happy Monday to you, hope your weekend was fantastic and that you're feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead 🙂

What an incredible journey we've been on this April so far! As we find ourselves now in the midst of this transformative month, I wanted to take a moment to reflect with you on the profound energies and shifts we've experienced so far.


Since the 18th March, the cosmic dance has been stirring, guiding us through moments of profound change and introspection. The full moon in Libra, on the 25th March accompanied by a lunar eclipse, set the stage for a period of deep reflection and realignment. Many of you have been following along in my community chat and on Instagram/stories, where we've delved into the nuances of these energetic shifts, sharing the knowledge and insights. And oh, how we've navigated the currents of Mercury retrograde! From the 1st of April until the 25th, we've been urged to slow down, focus on yourself and to reconnect with the deeper truths of our beings. It's been a time of introspection and recalibration, as we've sought to find our balance amidst the swirling energies of change. Your main focus at this time is channelling into your higher self and creating your new reality. Saying goodbye to old conditions and moving forward towards the Summer with new connections and opportunities.


On the 8th of April, we were graced with the presence of the total solar eclipse, marking a powerful moment of new beginnings and fresh starts. During this time, it was a peaceful meditation by candle light, channeling the sun codes and working with the light. The lightworkers who actually didn't observe the Eclipse were able to keep in the light and found so many positive flows after, which was beautiful. They actually did a reading of the earths frequencies during this time and it seemed that the light channeled higher, which was amazing news. It was a time for meditation reflecting on the old past versions of ourselves and lighting ourselves up for the dawn of new possibilities with open arms. But amidst the excitement of these new beginnings, it's essential that we remain grounded, anchoring ourselves in the present moment as we forge ahead into the unknown.


With the new moon in Aries upon us, now is the time to harness the fiery energy of creation with strength, passion, and power. Let us seize this moment to manifest our deepest desires and aspirations, readdressing our vision boards to reflect the reality we wish to create in the coming months.

Say goodbye to the old ways/patterns that no longer serve us and embrace the limitless potential of new opportunities that lie ahead. Some of you that are saying goodbye at this moment to certain situations, may be reflecting while others a sense of purging and letting go of the old wired patterns. Be gentle with yourselves at the moment while transformation takes place. Mercury will leave the retrograde on May 13, 2024. So these energies are still around for another few weeks. Balance is key & grounding.


For me, my experience of the Eclipse and current energies has been so empowering, I have really felt the energy shifts and light code activations. Tuning into the Sun and grounding really saw a huge acceleration for me. During this time I have been working with Fire Quartz, Fire Agate and Clear Quartz as I mentioned on social media posts on what to use with current energies.


It was good to be back on Friday after a beautiful time away with my son. Thank you to all the beautiful souls who attended Friday's event Sound X Crystals in Billericay with Tillie & myself. It truly was a magical container of pure love, healing, and transformation. Amazing reviews and feed back thank you 🙂


I invite you to join me at the David Lloyd in Chigwell on Tuesday (11am to 8pm) for a Crystal pop up, where I'll have a huge range of crystals, healing tips, and advice.


Looking ahead, please mark your calendars for my next event at Saints Green Place on Earth Day for a Full Moon release on the 22nd of April, helping you push forward to the new Earth changes, retrograde and Full Moon in Scorpio, the pink moon.


Next Ascension Healing event with Beverley and myself is on the 24th of April, propelling you forward to the next stage of your journey. This event will be in Farnham.


On the 25th April in Battersea, London. We have a movement with yoga, crystal healing and meditation evening with Gigi and myself. Excited about this new event. Gigi really is a magical soul full of sunshine and light.


And finally, Dragon 101 Workshop Session 2 via Zoom. Get to know your dragons, understand their meanings, and learn how to work with them to propel you forward in the year of the dragon. There will be lots of tips and advice to support you on your journey of growth and transformation. Learn how to use the dragon energy in this powerful Year of the Dragon. Master and transform yourself.

All up-and-coming events are on website link, please click here.


So, dear friends, as we continue on this journey of life, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to growth and transformation of ourselves. Please remember to carry on grounding every day, embrace the sunny days with light activations. During this powerful New Moon energy in Aries leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio, it is a time to focus on you and what you would like to achieve. Create, write it down, manifest, shine bright even in the darkest of times and let us go forth with courage and conviction. 

Sending you love, sunshine & light always 

Natasha xox

Always Believe in Miracles

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