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Dude Trolls Loud Upstairs Neighbors by Connecting to Their Speaker and Blasting His ‘Original Music’ on It, Sends a Clear Message – FAIL Blog

People are always talking about how you can’t choose your family, well, you can’t choose your upstairs neighbors either. You can’t even really predict how they’re going to be until you fully move in.


It’s easy to assume that people will be respectful of sound pollution and make sure to wait until daytime hours to move around heavy furniture, but you’d be surprised at how many people in this beautiful world genuinely do not give a single f*ck.


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So is there a guidebook on how to deal with lousy neighbors? Not exactly. But for some people, that’s a good thing because it gives them plenty of room to get creative.

Meet Matt


@matt_obrien, the comedian, has built quite the platform for himself on TikTok through sharing funny reviews, bits from his standup, and of course revealing his dicey relationship with his rowdy upstairs neighbors.


Watch how Matt decides to take this less-than-ideal housing situation into his own hands.


Loud Neighbors Part 1


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Perhaps it was dumb luck that Matt was able to connect to their Bluetooth, but we consider it to be fate. And that was definitely not the last time Matt took advantage of this feature.


Loud Neighbors Part 2


Neighbor’s Sad Boy Phase


Neighbor Dropping Marbles


As you can see, Matt has really developed a special relationship with his rowdy upstairs neighbors. Perhaps they’ll be able to party together one day to the same music.

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Until then, see how Matt took advantage again of this situation for some self-promo. Okay Matt, we see you.


Using Loud Neighbors For Promo

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