Before anything else,
preparation is the key to success
– Alexander Graham Bell

Everything requires preparation. Particularly job

Preparation does NOT mean you are showcasing an inauthentic
self. Preparation only ensures that you bring your best version to the

So what goes into preparing for an interview?

I would divide interview preparation into 2 easy parts

  1. Generic Preparation

This is preparation that you have to do
before any interview. This is really a part of grooming and working on your
personality, body language, general awareness and knowledge. This is
irrespective of what company or role you are appearing for

This is preparation for a specific company
and role.

To me both are critical.

In this video I’m taking you through detailed examples of both generic and specific preparation. This will come in extremely handy if you are looking to appear for job interviews in the near (or far) future.

For more on Job Interviews, you can watch this playlist on my YouTube channel.

Job Interview Tips

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