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Delivery Guy’s Sky-High Stack of Boxes Floods Entire Kitchen in Surprising Chain of Events – FAIL Blog

We’ve all been there; you’re already having a bad day, behind schedule, and rushing to try and catch up to get back on top of things. All this hustle leads you to make a critical error that you wouldn’t normally have made… If you’re lucky, you catch it. If not, well, that could be the end of your entire career.

The latter is what happened to this delivery guy when he rushed his delivery and left a high stack of boxes. After he left, the box pulled a “Rube Goldberg machine” or a “Dude Perfect” (if you will) and managed to turn on and block a sink which, in a surprising turn of events, flooded an entire back-of-house area. 

This guy will lose and probably has lost, his job. Did he deserve that? Were his actions truly negligent? Perhaps some readers from the service industry know better than me about how these delivery drivers are known to behave.

This thread was posted to Reddit‘s r/KitchenConfidential, a smaller sub that we’ve grown quite fond of. It often deals with conversations and experiences of people from the service industry. The sub makes for a good read, and we’ve seen some certified gold coming out of there recently.

Readers did what they will do in the comments and shared their own experiences and thoughts.

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“This EXACT scenario happened at a place I use to work at,” shared user Ok-Guidance-690. “The only difference was the box fell onto the chargrill. The fire system didn’t put the fire out, and it burnt the entire restaurant to the ground.”

“Another reason I am against purveyors dropping food off when I’m not there,” stated igenus44.

Scroll on to see the screenshots and reactions below.

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