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The job of a defense attorney is straightforward – defend the accused. But is that all?

The subtle nuances of the duties of the defense attorney may not be so subtle with the specifics of their job.

Criminal charges could bring about many problems for the accused not to forget that law in itself is not without technicalities. The best way to pursue it would be to have a competent criminal defense lawyer by your side who could help you with the proceedings in a manner that would be hassle-free and fruitful. 

But do you know what their responsibilities are? How do they help the accused prove his innocence? What do they really do?

Analyze Cases 

Criminal matters are seldom open and shut cases. Sometimes a few details in the factual matrix can prove a client’s lack of criminal intent and hence, his innocence. 

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But, of course, these significant aspects are easily ignored, unless a criminal defense attorney with a keen eye for detail and excellent analysis is handling the case. The defense attorney offers ample meetings to his clients to be able to collect relevant facts that can make or break the case. He also informs the clients how the law impacts their case, and helps them form realistic expectations about the outcome of the trial.

Collecting Information 

As a criminal defense attorney, the lawyer needs to collect information and make it easier for the client to prove their innocence. This role also includes handling evidence and ensuring that it reaches the court with due diligence. 

The criminal defense attorney also makes inquiries with the witnesses and law enforcement officials to know more about the ongoing investigations. 

Sharing Updates with the Client 

Multiple court proceedings take place before a criminal trial reaches finality. While this procedure may seem endless, the criminal defense attorney’s presence at each step helps the accused see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is exactly why it is advisable to be open and available with your attorney.

The criminal defense attorney also ensures a safe and lucid passage of communication between the court and the client. He simplifies legal jargon and explains the court orders in layman’s terms. 


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The criminal defense attorney is an expert in criminal law and justice, which is indeed a complex web of bail applications, appeals, cross-examinations and rules about the admissibility of evidence and witnesses

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In such a situation, protection of the accused’s rights and establishing his innocence is easier promised than delivered. An able criminal defense lawyer can achieve this feat with his expertise, skills and years of experience.

A criminal defense attorney should also be aware of all the developments related to the case. An event that occurred miles away or months ago can have a huge bearing on the investigation. With wit and awareness and an extraordinary presence of mind, a criminal defense attorney can use such information to turn the tables in a seemingly lost case.

Interpretation of the Law and its Requirements


It is not just the ability to know and recall law that makes a good lawyer. He should also know when and which law recognizes the evidence in the client’s favor. 

Interpretation of law can give a whole new dimension to the case and this is only possible when the accused’s lawyer thinks out of the box and goes out of the way to challenge the charges on the client.


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We all need to understand that hiring a good lawyer is crucial when facing criminal charges. Even if you get a legal notice with allegations and criminal charges, don’t take it lightly. There is no substitute for professional advice when it comes to facing criminal charges. Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney to understand the consequences.

Shruti Sood

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