Meetings technology company Cvent has launched a copy-generating artificial intelligence tool for platform users, the company announced Wednesday.  

AI Writing Assistant is available freely now on Cvent’s event marketing and management platform and can assist in creating event content. Among the content it can generate are emails, websites, event titles, session and video descriptions, supplier communications and request-for-proposals responses, according to Cvent. 

Users input a tone description—such as playful, formal or enthusiastic—and copy length from concise to verbose, as well as a copy description or a first draft for the AI Writing Assistant to craft or rewrite. 

The new tool went from conception to production in roughly six weeks, a Cvent spokesperson told BTN by email. Cvent conducted “extensive product testing” with AI Writing Assistant through a pilot phase with Cvent platform users and saw “overwhelmingly positive” responses, the spokesperson said. 

“AI has quickly become a powerful workplace enablement tool,” Cvent VP of product management McNeel Keenan said in a statement, adding that the company is confident AI Writing Assistant will be a “game-changer for planners and marketers who are looking to maximize output with minimal effort.”

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