Boot Camp

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We’ve partnered up with Sega to create Boot Camp, a series of articles and videos that showcase the new features and tactical considerations of Company of Heroes 3.

With two entirely different campaigns and a skirmish mode for custom battles, Company of Heroes 3 doesn’t exactly skimp on single-player action. But if that still isn’t enough World War 2 strategy for you, the game’s multiplayer modes let you keep the fight going indefinitely. Relic’s RTS lets you fight both with and against other players, in battles that range from one-on-one duels to massive eight-player onslaughts.

Company of Heroes 3’s multiplayer is divided into two modes. Competitive multiplayer allows up to eight players to throw tanks at one another in two teams of four, playing capture-and-hold scenarios where you’ll need to defend key victory points scattered across the battlefield. If the idea of fighting other humans fills you with dread, “Co-op versus AI” keeps the organic brains on your side, letting you team up with up to three other players to fight computer-controlled opponents.

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