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Another Seditionist Foiled By Their Own Big Mouth


Oklahoman Dova Winegeart participated in the January 6, 2011 sedition riot at the Capitol. And like so many others who have been arrested and charged for their roles, she got turned in by her own friends because she didn’t know enough not to pose for pictures and not to brag about it. She used a pole with a metal tip to take swings at the window of a door marked “House of Representatives, posed for pictures and shared them with her friends.

A newly unsealed criminal complaint alleges that Oklahoma woman Dova Winegeart took part in the January 6th Capitol riots — and that the evidence needed to charge her with crimes was provided by her own friends.

Specifically, the complaint says that two of her friends acted as tipsters to the FBI by passing along incriminating photos that Winegeart had shared with them that showed her at the Capitol on January 6th.

Winegeart was even kind enough and foolish enough to provide investigators with a confession:

A third witness subsequently shared text messages with officials sent by Winegeart in the wake of the attack, including one in which she said that “had to stay in hotel after storm of capital (sic)” because “it got crazy” and “I did sh*t.”

She is facing charges of trespassing, disruption of official proceedings and using physical violence against a person or property in a restricted building.

The criminal complaint can be found here in pdf form.

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