The Ukrainian military destroyed more than 700 occupiers per day

As well as troops and tanks, Ukrainian forces destroyed eight artillery pieces, Ukraine’s General Staff said.

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The Ukrainian military keeps a meticulous running count of Russian manpower and war machine losses, based on battlefield reports from combat units. According to the latest figures, during the course of the full-scale invasion, Russia has lost over 164,000 soldiers, 3,532 tanks, 205 warplanes, and 290 military helicopters.

As of March 19, the total losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine are (loss in previous day in parentheses:

  • personnel — about 164,910 (+710) people were eliminated;

  • tanks — 3,532 (+21);

  • armored combat vehicles — 6,853 (+23);

  • artillery systems — 2,568 (+8);

  • multiple rocket launchers — 507 (+1);

  • air defense means — 268 (+3);

  • planes — 305 (+0);

  • helicopters — 290 (+0);

  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level — 2,159 (+0);

  • cruise missiles — 907 (+0);

  • warships/boats — 18 (+0);

  • automotive equipment and tank trucks — 5,408 (+4);

  • special equipment — 262 (+3).

The General Staff previously announced that Ukrainian forces had developed a tactic called the “net of death,” which it said could result in the elimination of up to 80% of the invading Russian forces’ equipment and personnel.

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