4 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing a Flagpole

Adding a flagpole to your lawn can be a great way to enhance the attractiveness of your property while showing your patriotism. But there are errors you can make that can hurt the effectiveness of this addition. Read below to learn about four mistakes to avoid when installing a flagpole.

Picking a Bad Location

One mistake to avoid is picking the wrong location for your flagpole. Stay away from areas where it will be close to trees, power lines, or other structures that it may damage. You should also pick an area where the base won’t hurt your landscaping or uproot your plants.

Picking the Wrong Height

Another mistake to avoid when installing a flagpole is picking the wrong height. One of the most important things you need to consider when buying a flagpole is making sure it’s the correct height for your home. For example, a poorly sized flagpole will be disproportional to your house, so it won’t look right. Also, if you belong to a homeowner’s association, check with it to see if it has any height guidelines for a flagpole.

Using a Pole With the Wrong Strength

A second mistake someone can make when picking a flagpole is choosing one with the wrong strength. For example, if you install the flagpole in a wide-open space, you will likely need a one-piece flagpole since it will stay strong against the winds that can blow through. If trees and other elements are present that will block wind, you may be able to use a telescoping or two-piece flagpole.

Giving the Flagpole an Unstable Base

You will also want to avoid giving your flagpole an unstable base. Instead of drilling a hole and placing it into the ground, you need to use cement to form a large block to prevent your pole from collapsing. It’s best to make a hole that is four times the pole’s diameter when digging.

Avoiding these mistakes will allow you to enjoy more success when adding a flagpole to your home. You’ll be able to add more curb appeal to your lawn and keep your flag flying high.

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